SCREAMBOX gives us a three-headed shark, the final season of The Dead Hour and more in February

ScreamBox February - Courtesy ScreamBox
ScreamBox February - Courtesy ScreamBox /

SCREAMBOX has just rolled out their schedule for February, and it’s got something for everyone! We have a shark movie, the final season of The Dead Hour, a 70s throwback, and a film festival satire. Let’s take a look at what SCREAMBOX has in store for the shortest month.

February 2:

3-Headed Shark Attack – Brought to us by the Sharknado producers, this crazy flick stars Danny Trejo and WWE’s Rob Van Dam. A mutant shark with three heads terrorizes teenagers, marine biologists and a fisherman. This is a sequel to 2-Headed Shark Attack (of course).

The Dead Hour – The third and final season of the horror anthology series will be joining the first two seasons on SCREAMBOX. “A mysterious late-night radio host delves into a different horrifying tale in each of the horror anthology's 12 binge-worthy episodes.”

February 9:

Here For Blood – Described as a bloody 1990s throwback, this horror-comedy is about a former wrestler (Shawn Roberts) who takes on a babysitting job to make some extra money. When home invaders break in, violent chaos ensues. Bonus: Here For Blood features the voice of Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider!

Screambox February Schedule
ScreamBox February - Courtesy ScreamBox /

Waking Nightmare – When Jordan’s roommate took their life, it traumatized her, causing her to quit college and move back home with Mom and Dad. Still, she has horrible nightmares that cause her to sleepwalk. After she nearly kills her mother during a sleepwalking episode, she sees a doctor, but things only get worse. Waking Nightmare features 80s icons David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London), Diane Franklin (Better Off Dead) and Jamison Newlander (The Lost Boys).

Everybody Dies By the End – In this found footage style film, Alfred is a horror movie director who has acquired a cult following among his fans, and a documentary crew is following him as he films his final movie.

Bodom – In this Finnish slasher, a group of friends attempt to reconstruct the 1960 Lake Bodom murders. Unfortunately, there is a very real killer on the loose. Bodom is also a found footage movie.

Completing the found footage trilogy is Perfect Horror, a Chinese film about a film production crew shooting a horror movie at an old haunted factory.

LGBT: Lethal Gay Butcher of Terror – “When a gay man is found grisly murdered in the flats of Cleveland, OH, Detective Lieutenant Burney is tasked with investigating the murder.”

ScreamBox February 3
ScreamBox February - Courtesy ScreamBox /

Discopath – This giallo-style film is set in the 1970s, and introduces us to Duane, a short order cook who goes into a trance-like state whenever he hears disco music. When a girl persuades him to go to a discotheque, he gets all homicidal on the joint.

Death Metal – Abyssinister is a death metal band in Ohio. When the band tries to make themselves popular again, they record a version of The Devil’s Concerto, which curses anyone who listens to it. Sounds a lot like Deathgasm.

Dismal – A group of students accept an assignment for extra credit, requiring them to pay a visit to the Great Dismal Swamp. But it’s not the gators and bears they have to worry about, it’s the cannibals that live in the swamp.

Creepy Tales of Pizza and Gore – “Five tales of terror including cursed online music, satanism and murder, returns from the dead, hideous creatures hiding in the woods and one vengeful video tape.”

Lost Souls – In this UK series, join Jason and Olivia as they perform paranormal investigations at some of the UK’s most haunted locations.

Psycho Paul’s Film Festival – Vinegar Syndrome describes this as “A bloody, sadistically funny satire of cheap horror exploitation films.”

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