SCREAMBOX in March: Mega creatures, Bloody Bites, a Death Toilet and more


We now know what will be coming to SCREAMBOX in March, and the selection includes sharks, aliens, zombies and Amityville. Here's a small sampling of what you can watch on SCREAMBOX this month.

Alien from the Abyss – This 1989 film is usually described as belonging in the “so bad it’s good” category of horror. Jane is an investigative reporter working for Greenpeace, looking into the sinister activities of a company called E-Chem, which is housed on a remote island. Jane and her camera man manage to get to the island. They soon discover that the toxic waste E-Chem is dumping in an active volcano is about to unleash an evil alien.

Followers (SCREAMBOX Exclusive) – In this found footage style film, social media influencer Jonty struggles to increase his number of followers. When he moves into a house with Zauna, Amber and Pete, he thinks the paranormal activity they are experiencing might be just the ticket. The housemates set up cameras, and that works. But is the activity really happening, or is it set up by Jonty?

Being Human (series) – George is a werewolf, and his best bud John is a vampire. When they decide to move into a house together, they discover that they have an unexpected roommate in the form of a ghost named Annie. As the three struggle to deal with their individual challenges, they also are learning to coexist with humans. The first season of Being Human will be available on SCREAMBOX March 22, and seasons two through five will hit weekly through April 19.

SCREAMBOX March schedule

Exit Humanity – Set at the end of the civil war, this 2011 film stars notable horror alumni Bill Mosely (The Devil’s Rejects), Dee Wallace (Cujo), Stephen McHattie (Watchmen) and Brian Cox (The Autopsy of Jane Doe). In this version of history, a zombie outbreak has happened just as the war was ending, and we follow Edward (Mark Gibson) as he makes his way back home.

I have never seen any of these “Mega” flicks, but I’m pretty sure the titles speak for themselves:

  • Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

·         Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus

·         Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark

·         6-Headed Shark Attack

·         Megaboa

·         Mega Ape

Bloody Bites (season 9) – Bloody Disgusting’s “snack-sized horror showcase” returns for a ninth season.

Septic Man – Described as similar to The Toxic Avenger, this is the story of a sewage worker named Jack, who is turned into a horrible creature after he is trapped within a septic tank.

Night Cries – In a post-apocalyptic landscape, Joseph is trying desperately to find his wife. To do so, he has to fight numerous psychopaths, demons and an evil leader.

Pillow Party Massacre – Though definitely an 80s-style throwback, this film was made and released last year. Two years earlier, an April Fool’s prank at a dance led to a bloody disaster. Now, five friends get together and try to overcome their guilt at planning the prank. But, an uninvited guest shows up.

The Parker Sessions – A young woman named Parker suffers with horrific nightmares, and as a result, starts seeing a therapist. Is the strange, shadowy black figure that haunts her dream just her imagination, or does it stem from something real?


Amityville Death Toilet – I can’t. I just can’t even think about this one. Enough with the ridiculous Amityville titles already.

Amityville Thanksgiving – A marriage counsellor invites his least likely to succeed patients to his remote cabin for Thanksgiving. And again…I just can’t. Stop it.

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