Shudder adds Baghead to their Halfway to Halloween schedule

Baghead - Courtesy Shudder
Baghead - Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder is rolling out some new original films in April, with one of those films being Baghead. Directed by Alberto Corredor, Baghead is based on his indie short (also titled Baghead), and is included as part of Shudder’s Halfway to Halloween celebration.

Halfway to Halloween is a monthlong campaign that Shudder has run for the past few years, amping up their always full slate of horror films for those of us who are simply waiting out spring and summer. With the Halloween season six months away, it’s nice to have a taste of the season in advance!

So, what is the plot of Baghead?

Iris and her father have been long estranged, but when he dies, she inherits an old run-down pub from him. She meets with her father’s solicitor without knowing that signing the deed to the pub means she is now responsible for a terrifying entity that lives in the basement.

The being is known as Baghead, and it’s a shape-shifter with the ability to transform into people who have died. Iris’s father has been exploiting Baghead’s abilities, allowing grieving folks to spend two minutes with their loved ones who have passed on for the price of $2,000.

Baghead - Photo Credit: Reiner Bajo/Shudder /

But Iris soon finds out that the two minute rule isn’t just a suggestion – surpassing two minutes results in devastating consequences. Her best friend Katie tries to help Iris control Baghead, with the two eventually coming to the realization that in order to save themselves, they will have to figure out how to kill the entity.

Baghead will be available to watch on Shudder and AMC+ on Friday, April 5.

 Director Corredor describes Baghead as “a tale of family secrets, the depths of grief, and the things best left undisturbed in the basement.” The new film was produced by STUDIOCANAL, and it features Freya Allan as Iris, Peter Mullan as her father, Ned Dennehy as The Solicitor and Ruby Barker as Katie.