Shudder and IFC Center to celebrate giallo filmmaker Dario Argento

Dario Argento fans can rejoice at the news of a new documentary featuring the famous giallo film maker. Fans in New York can rejoice even more by watching eight of Argento's films at the IFC Center, along with the documentary.

Dario Argento Panico - Courtesy AMC Networks
Dario Argento Panico - Courtesy AMC Networks /

Giallo is a favorite sub-genre for horror fans, and few film makers have done giallo as well as Dario Argento. Now the legendary horror creator is the subject of Dario Argento Panico, a documentary directed by Simone Scafidi.

For those who are newer to horror, giallo films are a blend of murder mystery, thriller and slasher with a healthy dose of erotica thrown in. Although many newer films are categorized as giallo-like, early giallo mostly consisted of Italian horror films.

Dario Argento was always one of the most celebrated writer/director/producers of giallo, and he is still going strong today; though his films of the 1970s and 1980s are the most acclaimed. As recently as 2022, he co-wrote and directed Dark Glasses, which can currently be streamed on Shudder.

In Dario Argento Panico, Argento tells his own life story as he finishes up his latest script in a hotel room, followed by a film crew and being interviewed. The documentary will be available on Shudder beginning February 2, but to commemorate the streaming release, Dario Argento Panico and eight of Argento’s most celebrated films will be screened at the IFC Center in New York City.

From January 31 through February 8, fans can see the following Argento films on the big screen:

Suspiria – Remade in 2018, this 1977 film is about an American ballet student who arrives at a German dance school in a horrible storm, only to see another student fleeing the place in a panic.

Opera – A young understudy named Betty thinks she has really lucked out when the actress playing Lady Macbeth is injured. Betty gets to play the role, but later is tied up and forced to watch a killer murder her boyfriend.

Dario Argento Panico 3
Dario Argento Panico - Courtesy AMC Networks /

Deep Red – Classic Argento, this one features a mysterious killer who wears black gloves. He uses a variety of methods to kill his victims, including boiling water and a meat cleaver.

The Cat o’Nine Tails – The second film in Argento’s “Animal Trilogy”, The Cat o’Nine Tails starts out with the murder of Dr. Calabresi, who is pushed into the path of an oncoming train. A reporter begins to follow the case while more murders occur.

Dracula 3D – Released in 2012, this is one of Argento’s more recent films. It’s a loose re-telling of the Dracula legend, and features Rutger Hauer as Van Helsing.

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage – American writer Sam is on vacation in Rome when he witnesses Monica being attacked by a mysterious figure in a black coat and gloves. The police believe the attacker is a serial killer who has been committing murders in the area, and Sam decides he is going to find the killer.

Vortex – This 2021 film was not written or directed by Dario Argento, but instead stars him as an author/retired psychiatrist. His wife suffers from dementia, and he himself has a serious heart condition, so their son wants them to get help.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet – When Roberto is stalked by someone who then pulls a knife, he accidentally kills the man. When Roberto begins to get threatening letters about the accidental killing, he ends up in fear for his own life.

If you are in the vicinity of NYC, catch this mini film festival before watching Dario Argento Panico on Shudder next month.