Shudder focuses on deadly summer outings, everything coming in June 2024

The Devil's Bath - Courtesy Shudder
The Devil's Bath - Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder is jumping into the long, hot summer by bringing us plenty of summer vacation horror in June. Hiking, camping and beach trips are usually fun, but horror movies have taught us that fun can turn to fear pretty quickly!

June 1:

Funeral Home – Is it a good idea to convert an old funeral home into a bed and breakfast? That’s what Maude has done, and she then invites her teenage granddaughter Heather to stay for the summer. But the fun summer vacation ends when guests start disappearing.

Death on the Beach – David retreats to his beach house in order to recover from the trauma of sexual abuse. But as his mental state begins to decline, he gives in to murderous impulses, punishing those he believes are responsible.

Vacation of Terror – In the late 1800s, a witch’s amulet was taken, which took away her power. She was burned alive after swearing revenge. One hundred years later, the amulet is purchased by Julio, who visits a vacation home with his wealthy girlfriend. Strange things start to happen at the house, and young Gaby (who finds an evil doll) is possessed.

Vacation of Terror II -  The doll is back!

Outing (AKA The Lamp) – A bunch of teens get more than they bargained for when they make the ill-fated decision to hide out in the natural history museum after it closes. Unbeknownst to the kids, a lamp in the museum hosts an evil jinn (genie).

Arrebato – “A low budget horror filmmaker gets in touch with an eccentric who is trying to film his consciousness during drug abuse.”

Dr. Caligari – This 1989 film is a sequel to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and deals with his granddaughter. The new Dr. Caligari has chosen to illegally experiment with a therapy that involves mind swapping. As she conducts her experiments with unwilling mental patients at an asylum, the results are disastrous.

June 3:

A Lonely Place to Die – Five adventurous mountaineers are hiking in the Scottish Highlands when they find a young girl concealed in a chamber. The girl does not speak English, and they decide to rescue her. They soon find themselves being hunted by her captors.

Backcountry – Loosely based on a true story, this 2014 film is about a couple camping in the woods. After becoming lost, they are stalked by a hungry black bear.

Pyewacket – When teenager Leah’s father dies, she and her mother move into a remote home in the woods. This doesn’t set well with Leah, since she is forced to leave her friends behind, and she and her mom fight. Afterwards, Leah, who is fascinated with black magic, performs a spell in the forest, requesting a demon named Pyewacket to kill dear old mom. She later regrets it, and tries desperately to reverse the ritual.

Hunter Hunter – Joseph, Anne and daughter Renee are making a living in the Canadian wilderness as fur trappers, and are barely getting by. When a wolf begins eating their trapped animals, Joseph sets out to find the wolf. He soon discovers that something very human has been killing young women in the woods.

Killing Ground – Ian and Samantha have planned a romantic camping trip over New Year’s eve, but a few nights later they discover a toddler wandering in the woods. When they encounter two criminals who have killed the child’s parents, they and little Ollie must try to avoid the same fate.

The Survivalist – In this post-apocalyptic tale, a survivalist lives on his own in a cabin in the woods. He is getting by fine on his own, but when two women show up at his cabin, everything changes. Mia Goth alert: She plays the younger of the two women.

Valhalla Rising -  Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal) stars as a mute captive known as One-Eye. Forced to fight to the death with other captives, he manages to get away from his captors and teams up with a young boy on a quest for the Holy Land.

The Nightingale – In 1825, Irish convict Clare goes after the man responsible for the deaths of her husband and baby. Assisted by Billy, an Aboriginal tracker, Clare is at first distrustful, but the two discover they have both lost loved ones and work together to seek revenge. 

The Last Drive-In season 6 key art horiz
The Last Drive-In season 6 - Courtesy Shudder /

June 7:

The Last Drive-In continues its current season with a secret featured film (and maybe a special guest).

June 10:

Night of the Bastard – “After an injured woman takes refuge in a gruff recluse’s home, the two must find a way to escape from a game of bloodthirsty demonists.”

Body Melt – In this Australian sci-fi/black comedy/horror mashup, the people who live in Pebbles Court are unknowingly being fed a new drug that is hoped to improve human health. However, that turns out to not be the case, and the residents begin suffering rapid cellular decay and even death.

June 14:

Exhuma (Shudder Exclusive) – In this South Korean supernatural horror movie, a well-respected shaman named Hwa-rim and her mentee Bong-gil are hired by a wealthy family to find the cause behind their infant son’s strange illness. They determine that a curse affecting the first-born child of each generation is the problem, and trace its origin to a remote gravesite.

June 15:

Gateway – In this Irish slow burn, a group of criminals hide out in an abandoned house. Once they have set up shop, they are lured one by one into a locked room in the house

Herd – Jamie and Alex take a camping trip in an attempt to rescue their failing marriage, despite news warnings about a virus outbreak. As it turns out, the “virus” is actually a zombie outbreak, and the two women end up caught between militia groups while trying to get back home.

Mother, May I? – After Tracy dies, her son Emmett and his wife and his fiancée Anya go to her home in upstate New York, which he has inherited. Emmett barely knew his mother, but Anya soon begins dressing and acting like her. It’s now up to him to free Anya from the possession she is suffering.

June 16:

Dracula (Full series binge) – Jonathan Rhys Meyers appears as Dracula in this series, which sees the vampire posing in London as an American attempting to introduce Victorian society to modern science. Electricity is of most interest to Dracula, since he must avoid the sun for obvious reasons. But his biggest reason for being there is his search for vengeance towards the ones who made him immortal. Meeting a woman who resembles his long dead wife threatens to interrupt his revenge.

The Devil's Bath 6
The devil's Bath - Courtesy Shudder /

June 17:

Girl on the Third Floor – Professional wrestler CM Punk appears as Don, who moves into an old house in Illinois with his dog and pregnant wife. Don is hoping to start fresh with his little family, but soon discovers that the house does everything it can to prevent it.

Houseboat Horror – “When a music video shoot on the seemingly tranquil Lake Infinity turns into a smorgasbord of horror, death and blood-gushing mayhem, it can only mean one thing…ACID HEAD, a horribly scarred axe-wielding maniac with a grudge against interlopers is on the loose!”

Inn of the Damned – When gusts at a small inn begin disappearing, a sheriff sets out to investigate the place and its owners. 

June 21:

The Last Drive-In – A new episode of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs airs at 9:00 p.m. ET.

June 24:

Loop Track – Thomas Sainsbury wrote, directed and starred in this New Zeland horror thriller. Ian has no hiking experience under his belt, but wishing to get away from people due to his anxiety, he decides to hike on a long loop track. After reluctantly agreeing to join a group of hikers, but his paranoia kicks in, and his starts to suspect that someone is following the group.

Night of Fear – Buckle up, we’re in for some Australian horror with this one. A young woman’s car breaks down in the woods, and she is stalked and hunted by a murderer.

Sons of Steel – “In a futuristic Australia, a scheme to blow up the Sydney Opera House is discovered. The only way to stop it is to send an agent back in time to prevent the plotters from hatching it.”

June 28:

The Devil’s Bath (Shudder Original) – Set in Austria in the mid-1700s, The Devil’s Bath is about the recently married Agnes. Soon the monotony of everyday life and its chores begin to wear on her mental health, and her mind begins to tell her that in order to escape this life she must commit an evil and shocking act.

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