Shudder's In a Violent Nature: Audience reactions include screaming and vomiting

IN A VIOLENT NATURE - Still 7 - Courtesy Shudder
IN A VIOLENT NATURE - Still 7 - Courtesy Shudder /

In a Violent Nature appears to be a film that lives up to its title: It is extremely violent, and much of it is set in the woods. It’s a slasher horror movie that takes a bit of a unique stance, allowing the audience to tag along with killer Johnny as he slaughters campers. But we also get to watch the nature-loving Johnny as he takes long hikes through the forest.

@Film Updates recently posted an audio clip on X, wherein you can hear the audience reacting at a screening of In a Violent Nature. That reaction consists of screams and shocked gasps that resulted from one of the kill scenes, and it sounds like said audience members are losing their minds at what they are witnessing.

What we don’t hear in the audio clip is another reaction to the blood and violence: at least one audience member is reported to have vomited during the screening. Although we don’t get to actually see the gore and violence that elicited these reactions, we can hear the sounds of the kill scene, which makes it even more intriguing.

You can listen to the audio clip from the screening of In a Violent Nature here:

In a Violent Nature made its debut at Sundance this year, and has been singled out due to its twist on traditional slasher horror. Per the film’s official description, we are invited to join Johnny, “a vengeful undead brute, as he methodically slaughters a group of campers in the wilderness after they remove a pendant from his resting grounds.”

Writer-Director Chris Nash was intrigued by the thought of what these movie killers do in their off-time. With that thought in mind, the brutally violent scenes of murder and mayhem are alternated with long scenes consisting of the masked killer taking long, leisurely walks in the wilderness.

IN A VIOLENT NATURE - Teaser Poster - Courtesy Shudder /

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nash said that he was inspired by the filmmaking styles of Terrance Malick and Gus Van Sant. He balanced out their aesthetic approaches with those of more traditional slasher-type films such as The Burning, Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine.

Interestingly, Johnny’s “mask” is also different from the typical burlap sack/hockey mask-type face coverings chosen by slasher villains. It was modelled after the Vejan-Bader helmet, a terrifying-looking 19th century piece of firefighting equipment.

Filmed in Algoma District in Ontario, In a Violent Nature stars Ry Barrett as Johny. Trivia tidbit: Lauren-Marie Taylor appears in the film as well, and you may remember her as Vickie in Friday the 13th Part 2.

In a Violent Nature opens in theatres on May 31, and although no date has been announced, it will stream on Shudder.

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