Tarot ending explained: What happens to each character and who (if any) survive?

Are there any survivors by the end of Tarot?
Adain Bradley as Grant and Jacob Batalon as Paxton in Screen Gems TAROT
Adain Bradley as Grant and Jacob Batalon as Paxton in Screen Gems TAROT /

Seven friends spend a weekend at an old mansion to celebrate one's birthday and stumble upon an old deck of tarot cards in the horror movie Tarot. One of them, Haley (Harriet Slater), has always been fascinating by astrology, so she performs readings for the group.

Big mistake. Unbeknownst to the main characters, the cards are cursed. Soon after, they come to life to carry out their murderous intentions. Keep reading to find out how the movie ends. Spoiler warning!

Humberly González as Madeline in Screen Gems TAROT /

How does each character die?

The characters in Tarot are killed off in ways that mimic the initial readings Haley gave them at the beginning. We learn that the tarot cards she used were part of a deck cursed by a woman who lived during the 18th century. Working for a baron obsessed with the occult, she would regularly conduct readings for him.

But when one of her predictions about the baron's pregnant wife (that she'd die during childbirth) came true, he lashed out at her in anger. He turned the entire village against the Astrologer, sending them on a witch hunt that resulted in the death of the Astrologer's daughter. Seething with rage, she sought revenge and conducted a ritual, performing readings on her enemies with the cards and thus beginning the curse.

In the present, the friends begin dying one by one. First up is Elise (Larsen Thompson). The High Priestess pushes her off of a ladder and then uses said ladder to beat Elise to death. Next is Lucas (Wolfgang Novogratz), who dies after The Hermit chases him into a dark train station and causes him to fall onto the tracks in front of an incoming train car. Next, The Hanged Man targets Madeline (Humberly González) while she and the others drive over a bridge. The entity strings her up and hangs her over a bridge while her friends stand helpless, unable to stop it.

The final friend group death, and perhaps the most gruesome, goes to Paige (Avantika Vandanapu). She, Haley, and Grant return to the manor where the saga began, inviting the helpful occultist Alma Astryn (Olwen Fouéré) along to help them break the curse. Alma believes they can stop the curse by throwing the deck of cards in the fire. But Alma's plan doesn't work. The cards don't burn. Instead, the Astrologer returns and performs a reading on Alma, drawing the Six of Swords. As you might expect, Alma gets impaled by six swords.

As for Paige, she falls victim to The Magician. He pulls her into a frightening, illusory stage show and tricks her into a box, making her vulnerable to his plan—to saw her in half.

Death and The Devil come for Haley and Grant, but they break the curse before they get killed.

Harriet Slater (Finalized)
Harriet Slater as Haley in Screen Gems TAROT - Cr: Slobodan Pikula /

Who survives to the end and what happens to the curse?

Haley realizes that to break the curse and potentially save her and Grant's lives, she needs to perform a reading on the Astrologer with the cursed deck of cards. Haley successfully does this, freeing herself and Grant from the monsters. The Astrologer dissolves in a vortex of magic.

Grant and Haley appear to be the sole survivors until Paxton (Jacob Batalon) shows up, much to the surprise of everyone. Remember Haley told him he'd "show up for his friends in an unexpected way," which seemed to help him survive the jester.

That and his roommate Todd found him in the elevator, somehow breaking the jester's hold on Paxton and allowing him to escape. Overall, Tarot has a surprisingly uplifting ending with three of the group making it out and the curse seemingly officially broken.

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