Tarot will likely be on Netflix after theaters (estimated Netflix release window)

Larsen Thompson as Elise in Screen Gems TAROT - Cr: Slobodan Pikula
Larsen Thompson as Elise in Screen Gems TAROT - Cr: Slobodan Pikula /

Today is the day many people have been waiting for. The supernatural horror film Tarot is now in theaters, so make sure to buy tickets to see it. It's also expected to have a digital release and make its way to Netflix in the future. More on that below.

Tarot is a horror movie catered more to the teen and young adult audience bases. Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg co-wrote the script and directed the movie, marking this as their feature film directorial debuts. Cohen is best known for co-writing the screenplays for the sci-fi films Extinction and Moonfall, while Halberg was an executive producer on The Expendables 4.

Humberly González as Madeline in Screen Gems TAROT /

Like most movies nowadays, Tarot is based on another piece of work. It's based on the 1992 book Horrorscope by Nicholas Adams. The film centers around a group of college friends who, after playing with a deck of tarot cards, soon begin to die one by one in horrific ways related to their fortunes told in the cards.

Why are they dying? Well, they broke the No. 1 rule when it comes to tarot readings: Never use someone else's deck. The deck of tarot cards is cursed, and once they started playing with them, they unknowingly unleashed an evil force trapped within them. Now, the remaining survivors must quickly find a way to solve the mystery before they lose their lives as well.

Pennyworth's Harriet Slater stars in the leading role of Haley, the young college student who finds the cursed deck of tarot cards. Joining her in the cast are Adain Bradley, Avantika Vandanapu, Wolfgang Novogratz, Humberly González, Larsen Thompson, Jacob Batalon, and Olwen Fouéré.

When could Tarot come to Netflix?

A Netflix release has not been confirmed, but the horror flick is expected to land on the streaming platform sometime after its theatrical run because of a deal that Sony has with Netflix. The deal's terms are that Netflix gets exclusive U.S. rights to stream Sony Pictures’ theatrical releases. Since Tarot is being distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing, this makes it a Sony movie.

We've seen previous Sony releases drop on Netflix about four to six months after they were released in theaters. With this timeline, that means we could possibly see Tarot land on Netflix somewhere between September and November 2024. We'll just have to wait and see, though. As mentioned above, a digital release is also expected, and it would happen sometime after the theatrical release. Once we have these juicy deets, we'll make sure to share them right away. But for now, the only way you can see this horror film is by heading to the theater.

Stay tuned to 1428 Elm for any new updates on the Tarot streaming and digital release!

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