The Coffee Table: How to watch the disturbing Spanish film everyone is talking about

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The Coffee Table, a Spanish black comedy film released in 2022, has been the talk of the town lately. If you spend any significant amount of time online, you've likely seen many articles and discussions about the film, which has gone viral due to a gruesome scene and its disturbing storyline. Even the master of horror, Stephen King, has been singing the film's praises.

Given its popularity, many people are eagerly trying to find out where they can watch The Coffee Table right now. However, options are limited for people living in the United States. The only way to watch the Spanish film is to rent or purchase it digitally through Amazon.

  • Rent: $3.99 HD/$2.99 SD
  • Purchase: $9.99 HD/$6.99 SD

Physical media collectors can order a DVD copy through Amazon, currently retailing for $15.78. Apple previously had the film listed, but it is no longer available to rent or buy through Apple TV.

From director Caye Casas, The Coffee Table follows couple María (Estefanía de los Santos) and Jesús Casas (David Pareja) and their newborn baby Cayetanín.

Searching for furniture to fill out their home, the couple disagrees on an ugly coffee table, but Jesús is ultimately convinced to buy it. I won't spoil what happens after that, as this movie is best experienced with as little prior knowledge as possible, but purchasing that coffee table changes this family's life forever.

Critics call The Coffee Table 'gruesome' and 'uncomfortable'

Casas' film currently has an 83% approval score on Rotten Tomatoes based on 29 reviews. The majority of critics praise the filmmaker for his bold and daring film that treads into uncomfortable territory and bulldozes past all unspoken movie boundaries.

Not all of the reviews are positive. Phil Hoad from The Guardian praises the movie's audacity but criticizes its tonal inconsistencies, writing, "the shifts between acidic comedy of manners and humour-free horror are grating."

If you're just curious about what the big, disturbing scene everyone is talking about refers to, check out our spoiler article here.

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