The final season of Snowpiercer will be presented exclusively on AMC and AMC+ with new and returning actors

Snowpiercer Season 3 -- Courtesy of Robert Falconer/TNT
Snowpiercer Season 3 -- Courtesy of Robert Falconer/TNT /

Fans of TNT’s Snowpiercer already knew that the series had been renewed for a fourth (and final) season. Now comes news that said final season will debut exclusively on AMC+, and will be joined by the first three seasons.

Snowpiercer is based on the 2013 film of the same name, which is about a train called Snowpiercer that travels around the world in a circular track. In an effort to control global warming, a disastrous experiment was performed, and rather than solving the problem, the experiment resulted in the world basically freezing over. In order to keep the remnants of humanity alive, they live on the train with the understanding that leaving it will end with them freezing to death. It’s believed that there is no life still existing outside.

Of course, the passengers are divided by their financial class, with the poor relegated to the back cars, and constantly under armed guard. The rich and influential reside in the extravagant front section cars, and as one might expect, a war of rebellion breaks out.

The Snowpiercer series is set seven years after the world has frozen. We are told that Snowpiercer makes its global circle 2.7 times per year, and that the constant motion prevents passengers from freezing, while also providing energy for the train. As in the film (and the graphic novels it is based on), issues such as social injustice and class warfare are presented.

Snowpiercer S4 4
Snowpiercer - Courtesy AMC Networks /

When does the final season of Snowpiercer premiere?

Season four of Snowpiercer will debut on Sunday, July 21. The 10 episode season brings back Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Sean Bean, Rowan Blanchard, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Iddo Goldberg, Lena Hall, Sam Otto, Katie McGuinness, Chelsea Harris, Roberto Urbina, Sheila Vand and Mike O’Malley. New actors on board for the series’ final season include Michael Aronov and Clark Gregg.

As an added bonus, the first two seasons of Snowpiercer will be available to stream exclusively on AMC+ on June 1, and the third season will be available on June 8. AMC’s Executive VP of Streaming Courtney Thomasma said the network is excited to “share the final season of this thrill ride of a series,” and that  “seeing how the ride ends will be a highlight of summer viewing worthy of a 1001-car train.”

So when the summer weather gets too hot to bear, jump on a train travelling the globe in a frozen wasteland!

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