The Last Breath trailer and poster teases a tense underwater creature feature

A once-in-a-lifetime dive turns into a battle for survival in this shark thriller coming to theaters and VOD this July.
Hayden Grech as “Jimmy” in Joachim Hedén’s THE LAST BREATH. Courtesy of RLJE Films.
Hayden Grech as “Jimmy” in Joachim Hedén’s THE LAST BREATH. Courtesy of RLJE Films. /

With shark attacks and bites seemingly on the rise, now feels like the best time to watch a shark thriller—it'll be scarier than ever with that added layer of reality. Releasing in theaters and on demand on July 26, The Last Breath is a nail-biter from award-winning filmmaker Joachim Hedén (Breaking Surface).

A group of college friends plan an epic deep dive to visit an old shipwreck, but as these things usually go in creature features, they soon discover they aren't alone down there and find themselves trapped in darkness surrounded by prowling sharks.

The full-length trailer introduces us to the film's main characters, including A Room With a View star Julian Sands, who plays Levi, the expat owner of a touristy diving business in the British Virgin Islands. A passionate diver, Levi's lifelong dream is to find the missing World War II warship U.S.S. Charlotte. When he gets a tip that it has emerged for the first time in decades after a tropical storm, he and his friends embark on a once-in-a-lifetime dive to check out the ghost ship in person.

But as we see in the trailer, their plans go awry when they find themselves trapped inside the ship, 30 meters down, with limited air supply and a shark on either end, blocking their only potential exits.

Apart from Sands, The Last Breath also stars Kim Spearman (As I Am), Jack Parr (Peaky Blinders), Alexander Arnold (Yesterday), Arlo Carter (Doc Martin), and Erin Mullen (Midsomer Murders).

RLJE Films has also shared the official poster. The sharks in the trailer look a little smaller than what we see in the poster, but given the flames and the giant monstrosity creeping up behind an unsuspecting diver, it seems like The Last Breath will be suitably terrifying.

The Last Breath poster, RLJE Films /

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