Trailer Park Round-Up: Mind Body Spirit, The Exorcism & The Watchers

Check out the trailers recently released for Mind Body Spirit, The Exorcism and The Watchers...if you dare
Mind Body Spirit - Courtesy Welcome Villain Films
Mind Body Spirit - Courtesy Welcome Villain Films /

It's that time again. Even though spring's trying to brighten certain pats of the world, plenty of dark films are getting the PR push and will hit in the next few months. With so many clips hitting, we're gathering them together for a mini watch party, otherwise known as the Trailer Park Round-Up!

Generational trauma, supernatural scares and influencer culture look to all collide in Mind Body Spirit. The found footage film, which looks to combine a little Hereditary with a little Paranormal Activity, comes from Alex Henes and Mathew Merenda who are making their feature film debut. The pair wrote the script along with Topher Hendricks who is also making a feature debut.

Sarah J. Bartholomew stars as Anya, a woman looking to build her brand as a yoga influencer. As mysterious things start happening in her grandmother's old house she begins an investigation that will change her life and potentially gain new followers. Along the way, she uncovers an enigmatic ceremonial rite that she decides to partake in, recording her journey for the world at large. As you can see from the trailer, it does not go well, but probably earned tons of hits. The film, which debuts digitally on May 7, also stars Madi Bready, KJ Flahive, Anna Knigge and Kristi Noory.

Just yesterday we wrote about a new project called The Exorcism starring Russell Crowe and now we have a trailer! If some parts can be the role of a lifetime, the one Crowe's character gets in this flick looks like it just might be the death of him. The film, which focuses on an actor who starts feeling the material a little too strongly while shooting an exorcism movie. In a way, it feels like the movie is taking a kind of Scream approach to the genre by going meta and even having a character name check The Exorcist and The Omen.

Debuting theatrically on June 7 with a Shudder release coming sometime after that, the movie marks quite a departure for director Joshua John Miller who previously wrote The Final Girls with M.A. Fortin. Ryan Simpkins, David Hyde Pierce and Chloe Baily play prominently in the trailer and will also be joined by Sam Worthington, Adrian Pasdar, Adam Goldberg and Samantha Mathis.

The watchers key art
The Watchers - Courtesy Warner Bros. /

June 14 will mark the theatrical release of The Watchers. Ishana Night Shyamalan (Servant) wrote and directed the film based on A.M. Shine's book of the same name. In the movie a young woman named Mina is driving through an immense Irish forest when her van breaks down. As strange sounds emanate from its depths, a hidden door flies open and she's given the opportunity to enter a room with a huge window that allows mysterious monsters to observe her and three others held within.

Dakota Fanning (Ripley, The Alienist) plays Mina in the adaptation while the fellow watched captives are Georgina Campbell (Barbarian, Bird Box: Barcelona), Olwen Fouere (All You Need Is Death, The Northman) and Oliver Finnegan (Creepd Out). By the way, if you're looking for even more from the film, keep an eye on the tie-in site AreYouWatching.Us.

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