Under Paris on Netflix: Just how gory is the shark film? (Is it scary?)

Under Paris - Netflix
Under Paris - Netflix /

Netflix's killer new shark movie from director Xavier Gens is already making waves on the streamer. Releasing on June 5, Under Paris quickly shot to the top of the Top 10 chart, cementing its place as #1 straight away, which is pretty impressive! For those considering checking out the French creature feature but apprehensive about what to expect from it content-wise, this guide will help you decide if this is the right movie for you (and whoever you're planning to watch it with!).

There's no sexual content or nudity in Under Paris, so you don't need to worry about a sudden sex scene or a naked person walking across the screen while watching the movie with your parents. Under Paris received its TV-MA rating for some strong language, gore, and violence.

Is Under Paris scary?

Under Paris is suspenseful and has its fair share of tense moments, but I don't think it's too "scary" unless you're specifically terrified of sharks. There is a lot of shark-centric action and attack scenes, but if you're used to watching horror movies, then nothing here will scare you apart from a few jump scares.

Under Paris - Netflix /

How gory is it?

The better question for this particular film is how bloody and gory it is. Since it's a creature feature based around sharks, I think most people know what to expect going into it. The film does include many moments where people are bitten, killed, and maimed by sharks. You'll see victims with various limbs torn off and bloodshed in the water. It's not overly graphic but it still might be too much for someone squeamish.

Most of the movie isn't too bad with the gore until you get to the third act, during the catacombs scene, and the last like 20-30 minutes when it's just total carnage. Not as gory and over-the-top as something like Piranha 3D, but still more intense with the blood than, say, Jaws.

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