8 underrated horror movies on Netflix worth checking out

A mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts in TriStar Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, LLC THANKSGIVING
A mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer terrorizes Plymouth, Massachusetts in TriStar Pictures and Spyglass Media Group, LLC THANKSGIVING /

Netflix might not be the best streaming service to turn to for good horror content, but the streamer does have some underrated horror gems on its platform that are worth checking out. Here are eight underappreciated horror movies currently streaming on Netflix that you might've missed.

Thanksgiving (2023)

Some people might not view Thanksgiving as an underrated film, but I feel like it didn't receive much hype when it first came out. In fact, it doesn't seem like it gets brought up at all when talking about some of the best horror movies. I mean, I wouldn't say it's the best horror flick I've ever seen, but it's a pretty solid movie.

Helmed by Eli Roth, Thanksgiving centers around the residents of a town in Plymouth, Massachusetts, who are terrorized by a mysterious, bloodthirsty killer one year after a Black Friday riot ends in tragedy. Patrick Dempsey, Addison Rae, Milo Manheim, Jalen Thomas Brooks, Nell Verlaque, Rick Hoffman, and Gina Gershon star in this underrated slasher.

Countdown (2019)

Critics might not have seen the appeal of this movie, but I did. The premise is interesting, and I enjoyed it for its suspense and scares. It stars You's Elizabeth Lail as a nurse named Quinn Harris. After downloading a mysterious app on her phone that predicts the exact moment of a person's death, Quinn finds herself in a race against time to change her own fate. Jordan Calloway, Talitha Bateman, Tichina Arnold, P.J. Byrne, Peter Facinelli, Anne Winters, and Tom Segura also star in this supernatural horror film.

No One Gets Out Alive (2021)

No One Gets Out Alive is a horror film that's loosely based on Adam Nevill's 2014 novel of the same name. It follows an undocumented immigrant who, after moving into a rundown Cleveland boarding house, begins to experience terrifying supernatural occurrences. She eventually discovers that the house has a dark history and that a malevolent presence resides there. Now, she must do everything she can to escape the house before she ends up a human sacrifice.

Cristina Rodlo, Marc Menchaca, David Figlioli, David Barrera, and Moronkẹ Akinola are among the cast.

Aftermath (2021)

Aftermath is another haunted house movie. It stars Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore as a young couple, Natalie and Kevin, who decide to move into a seemingly perfect home together in an attempt to save their troubled marriage. But soon after they move in, they begin to experience a series of unexplained and disturbing events. They eventually discover that the house has a dark history and a malevolent force haunts it. In order to survive, they must confront the evil entity that threatens their lives.

The Ritual (2017)

The Ritual is a British supernatural folk horror film revolving around a group of old college friends who reunite for a hiking trip in the remote wilderness of northern Sweden only to find themselves fighting for their lives when a monstrous entity begins hunting them down. Rafe Spall, Arsher Ali, Robert James-Collier, Sam Troughton, and Paul Reid star in this horror flick.

Re/Member (2022)

Re/Member is a Japanese horror film based on the manga Karada Sagashi by Welzard. It revolves around a group of six high school students who are trapped in a terrifying time loop by a supernatural entity. They're forced to relive the same day over and over until they solve the gruesome mystery of a fellow classmate. Kanna Hashimoto (Asuka Morisaki), Gordon Maeda (Takahiro Ise), Maika Yamamoto (Rumiko Hiiragi), Fuju Kamio (Atsushi Kiyomiya), Kotaro Daigo (Shota Uranishi), and others star in the movie.

Circle (2015)

Circle is a psychological horror-thriller film following a group of 50 strangers who wake up in a darkened room to find out that they're being held captive and forced to participate in a deadly game with high stakes. Michael Nardelli, Carter Jenkins, Lawrence Kao, Allegra Masters, Julie Benz, and many others star in this film. A sequel titled Circles is currently in the works.

The Call (2020)

If you don't watch any other movie on this list, please watch The Call. It has a gripping narrative, suspenseful and unpredictable plot twists, and the two main leads deliver powerful performances in their respective roles.

It stars well-known South Korean actresses Park Shin-hye and Jeon Jong-seo as Kim Seo-yeon and Oh Young-sook, two women who live in the same house but in two different time periods. While Seo-yeon lives in the present, Young-sook lives 20 years in the past.

After Seo-yeon finds an old cordless phone in the house, she discovers that she can communicate across time with Young-sook. They begin to grow closer the more they talk over the phone. But things take a left turn when Young-sook's dark and unstable nature reveals itself. She's actually a serial killer who is determined to change her own fate, even if it means putting someone else's life on the line.

What are some horror movies you believe are underrated?

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