Welcome to Shadyside 1988: Fear Street: Prom Queen is officially in production

We're going to Shadyside High in 1988 for the fourth installment in Netflix's Fear Street series.
FEAR STREET - Cr: Netflix © 2021
FEAR STREET - Cr: Netflix © 2021 /

Exciting news for fans of the Fear Street film series on Netflix, filming on the fourth movie Fear Street: Prom Queen is officially underway! Production started about a month ago but Netflix released a fun behind-the-scenes video that shows us our first look at the cast and more details on the upcoming film based on R.L. Stine's book The Prom Queen (the 15th overall in the Fear Street series).

Here's the behind-the-scenes video from Netflix:

The video doesn't really give much away regarding the actual storyline, which makes sense since no one wants to be spoiled, but we do get to see just how excellent the costuming is for this movie! Everything about that clip screams the 1980s. It also looks like the cast is having a great time together on set.

Based on the few short moments of filming we see, it appears Fear Street: Prom Queen will begin its story in the days leading up to prom and since there is at least one girl screaming in a prom dress, I think we can safely assume the killer will continue terrorizing them through prom night.

It was previously announced that Matt Palmer would direct the fourth entry into the Fear Street series. Leigh Janiak directed the first three in the trilogy currently streaming on Netflix. Fear Street: Prom Queen stars Lili Taylor, Chris Klein, Ella Rubin, Dakota Taylor, Suzanna Son, India Fowler, Ariana Greenblatt, Illan O'Driscoll, Sienna Star, Darrin Baker, David Iacono, and Fina Strazza.

Set in 1988, the fourth Fear Street film is a standalone sequel addition to the franchise and it takes us back to Shadyside, specifically the halls of Shadyside High just days before Senior Prom. With excitement for the prom queen race brewing, things take a nightmarish turn when the five prom queen candidates start getting brutally murdered one by one.

There's no release date for the movie yet, but given how far filming is right now it seems possible that it might come out in time for Halloween this year!

Here's the official Netflix synopsis:

"Welcome back to Shadyside. In this next installment of the blood-soaked Fear Street franchise, prom season at Shadyside High is underway and the school’s wolfpack of It Girls is busy with its usual sweet and vicious campaigns for the crown. But when a gutsy outsider is unexpectedly nominated to the court, and the other girls start mysteriously disappearing, the class of ’88 is suddenly in for one hell of a prom night." 

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