What we know about the upcoming horror film Longlegs

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A brand new trailer dropped this week for the highly anticipated Longlegs. The new horror movie has been shrouded in mystery as no one can figure out what exactly the movie is about. Each new trailer reveals a new detail that keeps the audience guessing. However, we catch more than a glimpse of the plot that's to come. Longlegs will be released to theaters on July 12.

In the new trailer, we see a lot more of Maika Monroe’s character. Monroe has starred in plenty of horror films such as It Follows, Watcher, and Villains. Monroe is set to star alongside Nicolas Cage who also happens to be producing the movie. The director is Oz Perkins who has directed horror before such as The Blackcoat's Daughter as well as 2020's Gretel and Hansel.

Monroe's character, Lee Harker, an FBI agent, is trying to catch an infamous serial killer who goes by "Longlegs" (Nic Cage). However as the killings continue and more clues are left behind Harker realizes the case is related to the occult. The more she investigates, the connection to her past is clear and is somehow linked to the murders and to the killer. Longlegs is also rumored to be based on a true story but this has been neither confirmed nor denied.

The internet has been in a buzz ever since the first trailer dropped earlier this year. Everyone on social media has been speculating about the story and how the events will play out. The trailers create an eerie environment with unsettling visuals and hair-raising sound design. The movie has already generated plenty of fans who are trying to interpret the messages hidden within the trailers and are attempting to solve the mystery before its release.

For the lucky few who have seen the movie already they have been giving Longlegs nothing but praise. Viewers are already giving it the title of "best horror movie of 2024" and a homage to 1991's The Silence of the Lambs. All the hype surrounding Longlegs is putting it on a high pedestal and everyone is hoping and praying it lives up to the high praise. Although, I've heard multiple people suggest that it's better to go into it absolutely blind. But if that's not your style here is the brand new trailer!

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