Where to watch the original Strangers movie and The Strangers: Prey at Night

Check out the movie that started it all before seeing The Strangers: Chapter 1 in theaters.
The Strangers Official Trailer #1 - Liv Tyler Movie (2008) HD
The Strangers Official Trailer #1 - Liv Tyler Movie (2008) HD / Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers

The Strangers universe is expanding with a new trilogy of films. Chapter 1 of the saga premieres this weekend, May 17, with the second and third parts due out within a year.

Before heading to cinemas to catch the latest film in the home invasion series, catch up on the original 2008 film that started it all from writer and director Bryan Bertino. After that, you might want to watch its sequel, The Strangers: Prey at Night, starring Pretty Little Liars: Summer School actress Bailee Madison, Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, and Martin Henderson (X).

The Strangers: Chapter 1 is technically a prequel to those movies, taking place before the events of the 2008 film. So you could also see the latest in theaters and then watch the other two afterward. Either way, you'll need a Max subscription to watch The Strangers and Prey at Night.

Here's how you can subscribe to Max:

  1. Go to the Max website and create an account.
  2. Select your plan. Max currently offers three monthly options and three annual subscriptions.
  3. After selecting your plan, you'll need to input your credit card information or chosen payment method of choice.
  4. Start watching The Strangers!

Currently, Max offers an ad-supported plan for $9.99/month, ad-free for $15.99/month, and ultimate ad-free for $19.99/month. The difference between "ad-free" and "ultimate ad-free" is the that the latter offers streaming in 4K UHD, extra downloads, and Dolby Atmos immersive audio when applicable.

For those who prefer to pay for the entire year upfront, Max also offers annual plans for each of the above. By purchasing a yearly subscription rather than a monthly one, you can save up to 20%.

If you only want to get a Max subscription to watch The Strangers, it might be better to rent them on VOD. As of May 16, 2024, you can rent The Strangers for $3.99 on digital retailers like Apple TV, Amazon, and Google Play.

Unfortunately, it's a little trickier to watch Prey at Night anywhere outside of Max. The only other way to purchase the film digitally right now is to pay full price ($19.99) to buy it as part of a two-movie collection sold by Microsoft.

Otherwise, both movies are also available to purchase physically on DVD and Blu-ray.

Even though critics poorly received The Strangers and its 2018 sequel, audiences have been far more receptive to the films. The Strangers is still considered one of the scariest home invasion movies of all time, and the sequel is praised for its direction, especially the infamous pool scene. Both are worth watching if you're a fan of home invasion horror.

To see The Strangers: Chapter 1, you'll need to go to the theater. Check Fandango to see when and where the movie is playing near you!

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