Who is Bloody Rose Waters? Here are our top 5 suspects so far

We're determined to solve this mystery.
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School on Max, episode 3
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School on Max, episode 3 /

Can you believe we're already almost at the halfway mark of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School? The season's third episode debuted this week, finally convincing the girls that Bloody Rose Waters is real and she's coming for them. Mouse almost becomes her latest victim when Bloody Rose traps her inside an abandoned arcade.

We still don't know who is hiding behind those bloody bandages, but we have our suspicions.

5. Rose Waters

It's unlikely that Archie Waters' mother is actually Bloody Rose Waters. That would be super obvious. The show seems to suggest that someone is merely taking on the moniker of Bloody Rose Waters rather than the real Rose terrorizing the town.

The last time we saw the real Rose Waters was during the first season when Imogen briefly spots her at the soup kitchen. Currently unhoused, Rose could be anywhere, so she's a viable suspect for now.

4. Mrs. Noble

I don't really think Shawn's mother is Rose Waters, but I found it interesting that the series premiere introduced her as an adversary to Noa.

Mrs. Noble is the queen of passive aggression and never makes Noa feel welcome in her home, to the point that Noa eventually lies and says her mom has gotten out of rehab early just so she can leave and return to her own house, even if it means living alone for a while. Two episodes later, and we haven't seen Mrs. Noble again, but you never know!

Bailee Madison and Bloody Rose in PLL: Summer School - Courtesy of WBTV /

3. Dr. Anne Sullivan

I have to admit that I would be a little disappointed if the show went in this direction because seeing such a solid and positive therapy representation on this show has been gratifying.

That said, we still have to include Dr. Sullivan because she's a new female character introduced (well, re-introduced) during a season with a female killer. She's clearly meant to be a suspect, even if she is a red herring.

2. Mrs. Langsberry

Mrs. Langsberry is another minor character introduced in the premiere, but out of all of the suspects on this list, she probably has the strongest motive. Her son, Chip Langsberry, was a sexual predator that raped both Imogen and Tabby. He later gets killed by Archie Waters in the season 1 finale (confirmed for sure in the season 2 premiere).

Adamant that her son is an innocent victim, Mrs. Langsberry even harasses Tabby and calls her a liar over the creation of her short film "Avenge," which is about her assault. Maybe Mrs. Langsberry is out for revenge and feels like it's fitting to use the mother of her son's killer as the ideal disguise.

1. Martha Beasley

This one is a little on the nose, especially since we already had one evil adult Beasley. But Martha is heavily Margeret White-coded (Carrie), especially in season 2. I mean Martha...Margeret? The writers knew what they were doing.

Plus, so far, Bloody Rose Waters has been primarily killing sexually active teens like the couple in the first episode and Sandy in episode 2. Maybe this is Mrs. Beasley's twisted way of ridding the town of its many sinners and "impurities."

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