The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season One Character Deaths

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The Walking Dead on AMC
The Walking Dead on AMC /

Season 1 of The Walking Dead only had six episodes, but it still included several notable deaths on the series, setting the stage for seasons to come.

With so many characters kicking the bucket throughout the years of The Walking Dead‘s existence, it’s easy to forget about some of the very first ones we’ve had to say goodbye to. The most recent losses seem to be the most heartbreaking, but we’ll still always remember the sting some of these earlier deaths in the series felt when they first happened.

That brings us to 1428 Elm’s The Walking Dead digital graveyard. By taking a stroll in our virtual cemetery, we can remember all of those unfortunate souls lost to the walkers over the course of the long-running series, starting with the first set of victims from Season 1. These are the unlucky survivors that set the stage for all the deaths we would end up seeing on the show.

So let’s go back to days gone by and pay some additional respects to those who’ve left The Walking Dead, and feel free to leave your well wishes and condolences for the victims in the comments section.

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