The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season One Character Deaths

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Ed Peletier

The Walking Dead on AMC
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Name: Ed Peletier

Episode Introduced: Tell It to the Frogs (Season 1, Episode 3)

Episode Died: Vatos (Season 1, Episode 4)

Last Words: “Thought I told y’all to leave me the hell alone, didn’t I? Hey! What did I say?!”

Bio: Before becoming one of the biggest badasses on the show, Carol starts the series as a battered housewife. She is completely submissive to her husband, Ed, who is clearly abusive to her and Sophia. Shane wouldn’t transition to a villain until later, essentially making Ed the first actual “bad guy” on The Walking Dead.

Following an altercation with Carol, Shane pummels Ed. He takes out his jealousy for Rick by beating the crap out of him after seeing him hitting Carol. Ed then rests his injuries in his tent during the fish fry which takes place soon after. Carol and Sophia leave him be so he can sulk by himself.

Soon after, walkers find his tent. Ed believes it to be his family and opens the flap, coming face to face with a zombie. He is then mauled and killed in the attack. The next day, Carol smashes his head in to prevent him from reanimating (and to take out years of resentment against him).

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