The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season One Character Deaths

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Name: Amy

Episode Introduced: Days Gone Bye (Season 1, Episode 1)

Episode Died: Vatos (Season 1, Episode 4)

Last Words: “We’re out of toilet paper?”

Bio: Amy is Andrea’s little sister, though an age gap of 12 years sets them apart. Andrea left home while Amy was still a young child, and didn’t visit as often as she should have. This fact was discussed by both Amy and Andrea, but the horrors of the zombie apocalypse seem to strongly strengthen their bond. When the outbreak hit, the two of them were stranded in Atlanta where Dale would rescue them.

During a run in Atlanta, Andrea finds a dolphin necklace. As Amy is a big fan of dolphins, it seems like a perfect birthday gift. Andrea takes the necklace and prepares to give it to her little sister for the impending birthday. That special day would come just after the fish fry Shane plans for the camp.

But things go wrong at the fish fry. Walkers descend upon the camp, first killing Ed in his tent. When Amy emerges from the trailer after using the restroom, a zombie bites into her. A chunk of her arm is bitten out before it moves on to her neck. Amy falls to the ground to bleed out and die in her horrified sister’s arms.

The next morning, Andrea waits for Amy to reanimate. She then apologizes for not being there but says she’s there for her now. Andrea then puts down Amy by shooting her in the head.

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