The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season One Character Deaths

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Name: Jacqui

Episode Introduced: Guts (Season 1, Episode 2)

Episode Died: TS-19 (Season 1, Episode 6)

Last Words: “No, it’s completely sane, for the first time in a long time. I’m not ending up like Jim and Amy. There’s no time to argue, and no point, not if you want to get out. Just get out. Get out.”

Bio: There isn’t a lot known about Jacqui’s life before the events of The Walking Dead. We know her mother passed away at one point, and she cared for her brothers after. When the outbreak ravaged Atlanta, Jacqui was the only one from her family to escape alive. In the aftermath, she came across Shane’s quarry group and would become one of its members.

Jacqui would apparently pull her weight in the group. She was part of the team who went on a supply run in the city and first bumped into Rick. It also seems she cares deeply about the other members of the group, showing love for Jim as he lay dying and for T-Dog when he didn’t want to leave her behind at the CDC.

But, ultimately, Jacqui chose to end her life. Dr. Edwin Jenner at the CDC informs the group that the building will self-destruct when a timer on the wall runs down. This will instantly kill anyone inside the building, which Jenner feels is best for the group. Most of them are unwilling to accept this and choose to escape, but not Jacqui. She feels it’s best to stay.

Jacqui watches the group escape the facility on the security monitors. She seems genuinely happy they got out and wished the best for them. At the same time, she’s content with her decision, and soon after is obliterated in the explosion of the building.

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