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Five Nights at Freddy’s – Courtesy of Scott Cawthon
Five Nights at Freddy’s – Courtesy of Scott Cawthon /

Below you’ll find our list of movies we want to see which are rumored or are in development hell. For these movies, production has either just begun or just finished, putting their release dates out in the horizon. Keep your eye out for these to come in the distant future, and stay tuned for further updates:

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Gil Kenan had originally been reported to be adapting this popular computer game into a feature film, but the project had since stalled. Chris Columbus has since taken the director’s chair for the planned movie, which will be produced under the Blumhouse banner.

World War Z 2

Originally, there were plans to release WWZ2 in 2017. Obviously, that’s no longer the case, as production never actually got off the ground. Although the planned sequel hasn’t begun filming, the idea was to bring back Brad Pitt for another adventure slaying and evading zombies. Sequel plans still haven’t been entirely scrapped altogether, but it’s still impossible to say whether this will actually happen.

Zombieland 2

Fortunately, Zombieland 2 is officially in the works as the film has been announced to soon go into production. All of the leads from the original will be returning. It’s too early to know what the plot will entail, but for fans of the first film, rejoice knowing that a second movie is on the way.

Pet Sematary

A modern remake of the classic film based ont he Stephen King novel has been given a greenlight. Will today’s audiences appreciate this depressing and horrific tale as much as they did before? We’ll see, but the stellar cast (which includes John Lithgow) does show some promise.

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Did we forget anything? Which one of these do you want to see the most? Contact us in the comments below and let us know!