The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season Two Character Deaths

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The Walking Dead - Courtesy of AMC
The Walking Dead – Courtesy of AMC /

The Walking Dead Season 2 keeps the deaths coming, knocking out some big name characters in the process. So let’s pay our respects in the Season 2 digital graveyard.

The Season 1 finale of The Walking Dead saw the complete obliteration of the CDC. With all hope for a cure destroyed, it’s beginning to look like all hope is lost. But the bad news just keeps on coming for our survivors.

Season 2 has a pretty bleak beginning. Everyone’s still reeling from the deaths of many of their comrades and the loss of the CDC. Very early into the season, Carol’s daughter Sophia separates herself from the group after fleeing some walkers. Soon after, Carl is shot in the woods by a hunter. It’s a cavalcade of terror for the group.

As you can expect, many more deaths occur during this season. These characters are now long gone, having left the show years ago. But during Season 2, they each would help make it the entertaining season that it is. So let’s take a few moments to stroll through the Season 2 digital graveyard. Pay your respects to any of these fallen survivors by writing your opinions about them or their death scenes in the comments below.