The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season Two Character Deaths

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Jimmy on The Walking Dead (AMC)
Jimmy on The Walking Dead (AMC) /

Name: Jimmy

Episode Introduced: Bloodletting (Season 2, Episode 2)

Episode Died: Beside the Dying Fire (Season 2, Episode 13)

Last Words: “Oh no!”

Jimmy, a 17 year old farmhand, has no family relation to the Greene family. As Beth’s boyfriend, he’s staying with Hershel’s group in the wake of the apocalypse. With his own family gone, Hershel felt himself to be responsible for him. Jimmy is a kind kid always eager to help out, even if he is sometimes immature.

After Shane’s death, a massive horde of walkers locates Hershel’s farm. Within moments, the entire area is quickly overrun. The group of survivors attempt to fight them off, killing countless zombies in the process. But the undead just keep coming, and it becomes apparent there’s no saving the farm.

During the mayhem, the barn catches on fire. This is a problem as Rick and Carl are on its upper floor with no safe way down. Walkers are reaching for them from below, and flames are closing in. Fortunately, Jimmy comes to the save in Dale’s RV, letting the two use it to escape the barn. Unfortunately, walkers soon force their way into the RV, trapping Jimmy inside.

The walkers go to town on Jimmy, devouring him completely. Moments later, the RV itself engulfs in flames, preventing Jimmy from reanimating.