The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season Two Character Deaths

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Dave on The Walking Dead (AMC)
Dave on The Walking Dead (AMC) /

Name: Dave

Episode Introduced: Nebraska (Season 2, Episode 8)

Episode Died: Nebraska (Season 2, Episode 8)

Last Words: “Nebraska? This guy…”

Following the massacre of the barn walkers, which had included members of his family, Hershel is distraught. He heads to the local bar for a drink and to be alone. Rick and Glenn head over there to talk to him, perhaps to get him to leave the alcohol and come back home to the farm.

Before they can leave, however, the bar has some unexpected patrons. A pair of men come inside, and it’s apparent right away they’re less than friendly. The de facto leader of the two, Dave, tells them that he’s from a larger group looking for a place to stay. Dave deduces that Rick, Hershel, and Glenn must be staying at a nearby farm, and insists that they let his group come there too.

Obviously, we know Hershel wouldn’t approve. But it’s Rick who does the talking. Rick says that the farm is full and there is no room for anyone else. Rick jokes that Nebraska seems like a good destination for them, making it clear they won’t disclose the farm’s location to the men.

Dave isn’t happy about being denied. It becomes obvious he and his partner, Tony, are planning to hurt them. Rick’s instinct turns out to be correct when Dave reaches for a handgun. Fortunately, Rick is a quick draw, and he blows Dave’s brains out before Dave can fire a shot.