The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season Two Character Deaths

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Photo by Gene Page/AMC
Photo by Gene Page/AMC /

Name: Sean

Episode Introduced: Triggerfinger (Season 2, Episode 9)

Episode Died: Triggerfinger (Season 2, Episode 9)

Last Words: “Come on, man, let’s go.”

After Dave and Tony die in the bar, three of their friends come looking for them. These men are Nate, Sean, and Randall. They realize that the bar is locked, and call out for Dave and Tony. Instead, they are greeted by Rick telling them to leave. Rick admits that Dave and Tony are dead, but only because they drew their weapons first.

The three are not happy about Dave and Tony. Nate does most of the talking, though Sean is heard telling him they should just leave. But Nate is unwilling to go back to their group without avenging Dave and Tony. So Nate convinces the others to stay and fight, and they fire bullets into the bar, hoping to hit Glenn, Rick, and Hershel.

These three assailants formulate a sneak attack plan. Sean heads around to the back door and shoots at Hershel when the latter exits the building. Hershel retaliates by shooting back at Sean, hitting him in the gut. Walkers start descending on Sean, with Hershel shooting at them to aid Sean. However, too many walkers quickly envelope him, biting off his nose in the process, and killing him soon after.