The Walking Dead Graveyard: Season Two Character Deaths

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Randall Culver

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Name: Randall Culver

Episode Introduced: Triggerfinger (Season 2, Episode 9)

Episode Died: Better Angels (Season 2, Episode 12)

Last Words: “Look, I run my mouth when I get nervous. I can’t help it, I got a lot going on, you know? I ain’t saying it’s about me. Just trying to—”

Randall was a part of the group that attacked Hershel, Glenn, and Rick at the bar. He shot at them several times before impaling his leg on a fence. Perhaps knowing what would come later, maybe Rick should’ve just let him die there. But the good guy in him would save Randall and take him back to the farm.

How to deal with Randall becomes a major problem for the group. It culminates with the death of Dale, seemingly the only person who doesn’t wish to kill Randall. Dale storms out after the group makes their plans for Randall clear, and going out alone gets him killed by a walker. This inspires Rick to take Dale’s advice and call off the execution.

Shane isn’t having it, though. He decides right then and there that Rick isn’t calling the shots anymore. Shane formulates a plan to get rid of both Randall and Rick, hoping to move on with the group and finally get back together with Lori. The first step is to sneak out Randall to the woods, telling him they’re going to go find Randall’s other group.

This is a ruse, as Shane snaps Randall’s neck as soon as they’re far enough from the farm. Later, Daryl and Glenn find Randall as a walker, and put him down.