Under The Dome Continues With More Cliff Hangers


Under the Dome continues to enthrall its audiences with action pack episodes that continue to twist and expand the story-line bringing the television series more in line with the book, somewhat.

Now, it is a made for television movie, so there is going to be plenty of differences between the written novel by Stephen King and the screen play adaptation.

I started watching the series last year, wondering how well they would pull off another Stephen King made for television special.

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Every episode of the show continues to be based on the same premise, there is a problem under the dome, and the residents of Chester’s Mill must band together and choose the right path that is going to satisfy the Dome.  For the residents – it has to really start feeling like they are living in one of those choose your own adventure novels, where every page turn is a decision that will ultimately affect their fate.

Under The Dome *[SPOILER ALERT]*

We now know that their is a way out of the dome, and there is a way back into the Dome.  We know there is somewhat of an effect on you as you pass through the Dome.  Lyle went crazy as he fell over the cliff – and doesn’t resurface on the lake with the others.  Does this spell the end of Lyle, most likely no – he will pop up in two weeks when he is relevant in the story again.  Sam had that little arm shutter that hasn’t come into play just yet.  Outside of getting the crap beat out of him, which admittedly was happening inside the Dome as well; Barbie has suffered the psychological effects of passing through the Dome just yet.

Coming back into the Dome, it appears that the only one not effected was the techno geek that has been tracking the underground news of the Dome and helping Barbie against his father.

Barbie is finding out he is connected to the original four hands – just like he has connected himself to the current group.  Last night’s episode shows us that Dale Barbara wasn’t just trapped accidentally because he was passing through Chester’s Mill.

The egg is playing more and more of a role again as season two winds down.

Last night’s episode ends with Big Jim coming face to face with Pauline, the women he loved, that he thought he lost nine years ago.

Despite his short comings and his god-like complex, Big Jim is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, if not for the way he manipulates every situation to benefit from it, he is one of the deeper characters in the story-line, and I have really enjoyed the character portrayal by Dean Norris.

The action and plot lines in season two have been similar to what we saw in season one, although the crisis in season two have been a little more life threatening. If we get more outside of the dome interference and direction, it might make the show more interesting to watch.  I don’t know if it has been good enough for me to want to wait an entire year to see season three.

Under the Dome continues next Monday night on CBS.