American Horror Story: FreakShow Twisty Pulls It Together


For all the “bad press” that actual clowns were bringing on American Horror Story: FreakShow – Twisty’s back story was actually one that saved Elsa Mars Freak Show.

You see, Twisty was a clown, just looking to protect people from freaks who were mean – and was trying to remind kids and people that they loved him and his act.  Of course his tragic backstory was just what Edward Mordrake wanted in his troupe of dead, undead, or ghostly circus that follows him around.   A little bit of good press goes a long way, and the people of Jupiter, Florida in 1952 are quick to forgive and forget – drawing to the Freak Show now that they “think” the terror is over.

I am sure we will see more social problems and circus in fighting to make interesting story-lines, but for now – it seems as happiness and oddity rules the day.  Of course now that Twisty is dead, joining the ranks of Mordrake, Dandy get’s to take over as the pivotal evil clown – although he isn’t a real clown, and his kill counter has started, finally getting up the courage to return home and slash the throat of the mouthy woman who tends to his mother’s residence.

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I can honestly say the taking of Twisty had me fooled, I had honestly thought he was going to find solace and peace among the oddities sheltered in Elsa’s community.  It appears that our fortune teller is going to get a bit of a soft spot for the freak population on American Horror Story.  While plotting against Jimmy and the others to make it rich along with her counterpart, she know realizes that she just might not have it in her to harm these people.  Will be interesting to see how that pans out for the show, especially with our “hung” friend barging his way onto the scene as a talent scout.

It seems that all is right with the world again except for some major plot lines:

1)  Jimmy still has a vendetta against the police for what happened to Meep.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more run ins between Jimmy and the local law enforcement; remember this is 1952 and bigotry isn’t going to go away because of what transpired at clown central.

2)  Dell Toledo is still around, and needs some anger management.  Dell was counting on the fact that he could be the one to save the day – and forever cement his place ahead of or next to Elsa Mars as proprietor of the show.

3)  Dell vs Jimmy.  As long as Ethel is around, these two will have some peace, but for the most part – this is a relationship we need to keep an eye on.

4).  Elsa vs Bette/Dot.  With a sold out house, and a renewed vigor; Elsa no longer needs a “new” headliner act.  This doesn’t sit well with the twins who through separate talents were bringing things together.

It appears the series is getting its second crossover character – the young nun who appeared in Asylum will join the cast of American Horror Story FreakShow – as the show prepares to give us more of the back story of Pepper and how she arrived in the services of Elsa.  Lily Raby will return to the series reprising her role as Sister Mary Eunice.

And for Neil Patrick Harris Fans – Doogie Howser will be joining the cast of American Horror Story in episodes 11 and 12.