Four Things I Want to See Go Down on ‘Salem’


Here are some ideas I have for the show . . . not that anyone asked me!

As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of the show, Salem, on WGN America.  Yes, the fact that Janet Montgomery stars as the “so sexy I don’t care what she does” witch, Mary Sibley, certainly helps the show’s cause . . .

. . . but I’m not so shallow that I would watch a terrible show just because of its attractive cast – right, 90210? The fictional events of Salem, Massachusetts, make for some deliciously dark, sinister, and yes, sexy television.  The writing and the acting are top-notch – finally, there’s a reason to watch TV on Sunday nights! I enjoy the direction in which the show is headed . . . but there are a few things I really hope to see go down (besides certain characters, wink wink) on Salem this season.  No one asked, but I’m sharing them anyway!

 1. A monumental confrontation between John Alden and Mary Sibley

A confrontation between these two lovers-turned-enemies is GOING to happen, clearly – there’s no getting around it.  My fear, though, is that it will be a soft encounter – will Mary share the fact that John’s son is still alive?  (Probably.)   Will that weaken John’s resolve?  I sure as hell hope not.  I’d love to see the final encounter between these two end in death – most likely John’s, as much as I will miss him. Mary Sibley is too important to the plot to kill her off, in my opinion, but John is easily replaced.  There are plenty of enemies for the witches of Salem to battle, and besides, John’s death will allow the show’s writers to place Mary on an extreme end of the spectrum: either a full-blown bad-ass, or a repentant figure who turns on all witches for causing her to lose the love of her life and keeping her son from her. Either win, that’s win-win for us Janet Montgomery fans!

2. Some tie-ins to other slices of American history/ legend

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is historical fiction, why not branch out and begin using other real-life figures, or create back stories for some of the stories that have become part of America’s folklore? For example, it would be fun to see the show lay the foundation for the characters who ultimately figure into the story of the Bell Witch of Tennessee.  There are theories behind who the spirit that haunted the Bell residence really was, but they are just that: theories.  It would be fun to see the show extend its tendrils into some other dark areas of the United State’s history. If you are interested, here’s a short video that tells the story of the Bell Witch haunting:

3. Flashbacks into the characters’ pasts

Part of me is tempted to suggest that the show do an entire season in flashback, but in that case we wouldn’t see any of the current cast members, with the exception of someone like Lucy Lawless’ Countess Marburg. Still, I want to see more glimpses of our main characters.  John Alden at war.  How Tituba became Tituba.  And lots and lots of back story on Countess Marburg.  The narrative does not need to be linear, and while I’m not looking for a level of flashback that rivals Lost, I want to see, not just hear about, the pasts of these fascinating characters.

4. Mercy Lewis to get hers.

I have to admit it: I was excited to see Mercy Lewis burn in episode two.  I come from the school of “Why Spiderman 3 sucked” in which I firmly believe that too many villains is a bad thing.   And right now, Mary Sibley has too many enemies.  Magistrate Hathorne.  Countess Marburg.  John Alden.  Anne Hale.  Mercy Lewis.

See where I’m headed here?  Shows can spread themselves too thin, and I fear that is what is happening with the Mercy Lewis story.  Sure, she could be a formidable foe for Mary Sibley, but from the sounds of it, Anne Hale is the witch to worry about.  We don’t need Mercy any more, so off she goes!

Those are the items at the top of my Salem Wish List – feel free to share yours with me below!

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