Scream: TV Series Episode 4 Recap


The answer lies where the mask was made.

Scream episode 4, now we’re really getting into the thick of things. I can only imagine what will happen next week at the half way mark. The episode begins just a few hours after Riley’s murder, and the grief Emma, Audrey, and Noah are dealing with. In other developments, we finally find out what exactly Will, Nina, Tyler, and Jake were up to.

While everyone in town thinks Tyler is dead (yea, he has been for a while guys.) they start to hope it’s all over. Meanwhile, Riley’s parents want a civil suit with the sheriff as the fall guy. What about the actual killer? Well, Emma receives a package with her mom’s high school yearbook. The victims of Brandon James’ pictures are removed, and her dad’s picture is scribbled over. The killer has left a message for Emma. “The answer lies where the mask was made.”

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Emma and Audrey decide to investigate the abandoned hospital where Brandon James’ surgeries took place. They decide to leave poor grief-stricken Noah out of it. Though he goes anyway, and almost gets tasered in a delicate place for his troubles. While investigating the hospital the trio finds the killer’s lair. I feel like all that’s missing at this point is one other guy and a big scared dog. They find the corpse of a pig with its heart missing. The heart that was sent to Emma’s mother. They learn that there was more than one mask. They also find Tyler’s head among other souvenirs taken by the killer, including Nina’s missing laptop. They try to access the files, but they are password protected. They hear someone coming and use a flash drive to copy the files, before being caught by the sheriff. In another developing plot, Jake convinces Will to continue the blackmail scheme to help pay for Will’s college tuition to Duke University.

Brooke is wracked with guilt though her usual vapid self, wondering what shade of nail polish to wear to Riley’s funeral. She gets a notification of a new poll. It seems the killer has chosen to let his or her followers vote who dies next, and so far Brooke is in the lead.

Back at the police station, the sheriff confiscates Riley’s camera, but it won’t do him any good without the SD card they used in the camera to copy the files from Nina’s laptop. After leaving the police station, Audrey and Noah go to Noah’s place of work to decrypt the files. They find out they removed the SD card too soon, and only one file was copied. That file, however, is a doozy. It’s Will and Emma’s first time engaging in pre-marital sex. They make a little slip and the video is uploaded and sent to a long list of people, Emma included as the episode comes to an end.

That’s it for this week’s recap of Scream: The TV Series. I did enjoy the slight reference to the rules of a horror movie in a conversation between Noah and Aubrey, a nice nod to the original Scream. With only six episodes left, I am still at odds to beg guessing the killer. Who do you think it is residents of Elm Street? Is it the work of a solo psychopath, or the traditional two? Is one of the killers Brandon James’ brother who has been under our noses unknown this entire time? It’s obviously not Will and Jake. They’re exhibiting a little too much of the Billy and Stu vibe. One thing’s for sure… Everybody’s a suspect.Whoever it may be, it’s gonna be a Scream!