Scream Episode 8 Recap: Is It The Mayor?


We’re in the homestretch now, residents of Elm Street. Scream Episode 8 is in the books and more secrets have been revealed. So come with me as we check in on the citizens of Lake Wood.

The episode begins with the aftermath of the last. We get a good look at what the farm machinery did to Will. Then we learn Jake’s wound miraculously missed any major artery. Emma is starting to crack. She’s put on antidepressants that don’t help much. She begins having insomnia induced hallucinations of Will and her father. The hallucinations end up revealing a clue that I’ll get to later.

Brooke’s Father is arrested, but she finally learns her mother is alive and in rehab as her father said. What happened on the incriminating video was a little more innocent but not much. Brooke’s mother got back into drugs, and the body was a friend who helped her get a fix. The friend OD’d and the mayor disposed of the body to keep the secret from getting out. However. the biggest revelation is discovered by Noah and Audrey about Mr. Branson.

It would seem our esteemed Mr. Branson has a dark secret in his past. His name was Seth Palmer and he was having an affair with another 18-year-old girl in another town. She wound up murdered and he was a suspect. Noah and Aubrey also find a bloody knife in the air vent of his classroom. They take the evidence to the police.

After another hint brought on by a hallucination, Emma remembers the fight her parents had when her dad left and asks Audrey to send her the video they took in the abandoned hospital. It reveals an ultrasound pic with her mother’s maiden name. Her mother then confesses she had a child with Brandon James after their one-time fling, when she found out Emma’s father cheated on her.

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At the school, a distraught Brooke seeks comfort with Mr. Branson. They start making out heavily when suddenly they hear a noise. Seth goes to investigate and the killer cuts and gives chase to Brooke. Seth finds her. Apparently the door was locked in the auditorium and he had to go around. The police show up to arrest Seth, with a bloody Brooke in her bra and panties making things look even worse for Mr. Palmer/Branson.

Now on to brass tacks, let’s talk suspects shall we?

The Suspects:

Jake: It’s awful suspicious that stab was so close to but didn’t hit any major arteries or organs. Plus some of the looks he gives are downright creepy.

Piper: The criminal blogger has she been studying crime for so long she thinks she can get away with it? What’s more, is she the daughter of Brandon James and Daisy?

The Mayor: It seems unlikely but with the lengths he goes through to keep his family secrets from getting out, anything is possible.

Seth Branson/Palmer: This one seems like a bit of a Red Herring to me. It’s way too obvious so it can’t be him.

Kieran: Again I believe Kieran is another Red Herring. The mysterious new kid in town, who’s cozying up to Emma. He has too much of a Billy Loomis vibe.

So what do you think residents of Elm Street? If I were a betting man, my money would be on Piper and Jake. With two episodes left the surprises are going to keep coming. Be here next week for the recap of Scream Episode 9.