Scream Episode 9 Recap: Is It Kieran?


It’s hard to believe we’re almost at the end of season one. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was dreading the Scream TV series, thinking it could never work. But against all odds, I ended up loving the show as much as the Scream movie franchise. But I digress. On to episode 9, which is sadly another episode with not a whole lot going for it.

One year ago Brandon’s mask was stolen from evidence and never reported. Present day, Seth Branson/Palmer is held for interrogation. Meanwhile, Emma’s mother got some of Seth’s DNA to send off to see if he is the baby she gave up. At his place of work with Audrey, Noah puts two and two together. Seth Branson=Bran’s Son, Brandon’s Son.  At the police station, Emma wants to talk to Seth. He maintains that he isn’t the killer. I don’t think he is myself, but he seemed to have no emotion at all while talking to her. Later Piper talks to Emma and tells her she found Brandon James’ mother. The mother reveals that Brandon James’ son came to visit her, they think it’s Seth Branson. All signs point to Seth. Brooke is released on the condition she stays at Jake’s house. When she goes to take a shower she notices the webcam on her laptop coming on by itself. Someone is watching her, but Jake says he doesn’t have the software anymore.

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Audrey looks for all the videos Rachel took. They were deleted from her laptop, but Rachel saved all of them to the cloud and Audrey knows the password. They find a suspicious clip of Kieran and Nina at a bar. Kieran saw Rachel so Audrey believes Kieran killed her.

It’s Halloween night, and the sheriff announces a dance for the teenagers of Lakewood. It’s more safe than allowing them having their own parties even though it’s not as fun for the teens with so many chaperones and no alcohol. Kieran shows up at Emma’s house and invites her to the dance where Audrey shows Emma the video. Emma still believes Kieran is innocent: is it selective blindness? is Kieran really the killer? I don’t think so but Emma shouldn’t be so trusting. Later Piper tells Emma that she went back to see Brandon’s mother with a yearbook. She doesn’t recognize Seth, but she says it’s Kieran who came to see her.  The lights go out in the auditorium, and a live video of the sheriff being held hostage is shown.

Meanwhile, Seth has escaped from the prison. Someone killed the guard, but we don’t see who did it. As I said last week, my two prime suspects are Piper and Jake. Why does something always happen whenever Piper shows up? Of course, there could be three killers. And I do not believe Seth was the baby Emma’s mother gave up. I think that was Piper. It never specifically said the baby was a boy. That’s all for this week, residents of Elm Street. Be here again next week for the recap of the finale of Scream, where we will hopefully discover the identity of the killer (or killers).

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