Scream Episode 10 Recap: The Killer Revealed


Well here we are at the season finale of Scream the TV series. And what a ride it’s been. In the tradition of the films, Scream the TV series left the best for last. It was a bit bittersweet as before the beginning of this episode we were treated to a small title card in memory of Wes Craven.

Picking up exactly where the last episode left off, the gang learns Seth escaped from jail, and a frantic race to find the sheriff is on. Piper goes to try and help find Brooke. Meanwhile, the essential climactic party is on at Brooke’s, where Brooke and Jake try to make each other jealous and Audrey and Brooke seem to bury the hatchet. But soon the killer strikes again, killing one of the random party-goers.

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Against her mother’s wishes, Emma leaves the dance to help. A clue is found in the throat of the corpse of the cop who was killed: a locket Brandon made for Daisy. Emma’s mother goes to the dock where Brandon was killed and Emma calls Noah to go to the party.

Back at the party, Seth shows up and explains that the murderer killed the policeman and let him go, but Brook won’t let him in the house. Shortly after, the killer shows up and chases her. She goes to hide in the freezer, but the killer locks her in and turns the freezer on. Noah and Emma reach the party and find Piper’s glasses in a pool of blood. They find the others and the search for Brooke is on. Emma is contacted by the killer and told her mother is captured at the dock.

The game is over. The time has come to find out who the killer is. After a short stand off, the killer takes off the mask to reveal… PIPER! (I was right, for those keeping score). Piper was the child of Brandon and Daisy. She stabs Emma’s mother and a struggle commences. Before Piper can kill Emma, a shot rings out and Piper falls into the lake. Just in the nick of time, Audrey showed up to save Emma. While they are untying Emma’s mother, Piper climbs out of the water and gets shot in the head by Emma. “They always come back.” she says.

The mystery of the killer is over, but who attacked Piper and Jake at the warehouse? Cut to Audrey going through papers: she had been corresponding with Piper. It was her who attacked them at the warehouse and as the episode ends, she burns the papers.

Well, residents of Elm Street, what did you think of Scream? I believe Wes Craven would be proud. Did it live up to your expectations? It far surpassed mine and I can’t wait to see what happens in season two.

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