Five Stephen King Adaptations That Need a Remake

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Misery – (1990)

Cast – James Caan (Paul Sheldon), Kathy Bates (Annie Wilkes)

Ideal Remake Cast – Kevin Spacey (Sheldon), Melissa McCarthy (Wilkes)

Keep This Line – “God I love you.”

This movie would be tough to top in a remake, and realistically speaking I don’t see it being topped. But with today’s Hollywood contingent, I’m curious how a current take on this King classic would do. Very few actresses out there could achieve a role where they’re simultaneously menacing/goofy, which is exactly how Bates’ Annie Wilkes is portrayed. Admit it, Wilkes stole the show.

A remake with Spacey as Sheldon would be ideal because Spacey seems more introspective and thoughtful than Caan’s Sheldon was. In a way, Spacey could pull off a Sheldon that’s closer to the novel. Meanwhile, McCarthy as Wilkes has had plenty of experience in goofy roles so our introduction of her would be fitting McCarthy humor. However, I enjoy films where the casting is a bit anachronistic, and I am curious as to how menacing McCarthy could be. It would be a long shot to say that she could top Bates’ Wilkes, but I believe she could reach that height.

As for the setting, leave it as is. It adds to the hopelessness of Sheldon and keeps him as isolated as possible. If there are to be modernizations, make them as few as possible.

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