Scream Queens: Sixth Ep Finds Gory Groove For Series


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Michael Uppependuhl directs Seven Minuets In Hell with a margin of style, a lot of confidence, and a dash of charisma. From the beginning of the episode, the seventh entry in Fox’s freshman season of Scream Queens, it’s obvious this is going to be a solid edition in a season that’s starting to truly find its footing.

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The episode opens with great direction-Seven Minuets In Hell’s direction is reminiscent of The Pilot and Hell Week in its great execution- in a scene highlighting the vote for the presidency of Kappa house. It’s very stylized and a welcome edition to the series.

In terms of understanding, Uppenduhl is very aware of the camera, giving his audience a lot cinematic language and well-disciplined camera work. Look for the rotating shot of Chanel walking down the stairs of her immaculate closet, or the ceiling shot at the beginning of spin the bottle as examples of solid direction. And yes Chanel, we get there aren’t any dickies and you don’t get why you are playing the bottle game. Oh. that Chanel.

The script is the best part of Seven Minuets In Hell, which is impressive given the solid direction. The episode is fast paced, and almost feels like a little movie in itself. It’s a script that truly finds the balance between comedy and story, executing effectively so. The comedy should help the story, not be the main attraction; Seven Minuets In Hell is very plot driven with many comedic character moments. It’s an episode that sees a member of Kappa House succumbing to the red devil, which is a narrative step for the series, and really ups the season’s momentum. It’s a hilarious episode that really makes the most of its characters and proves why everyone should be watching.

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As for Seven Minuets In Hell’s acting, it’s an episode that moves it’s plot so fast that the dialog is spread pretty well. A lot of the cast gets a lot of comedic moments in the sixth episode of the series.

While there are many shinning stars, Glenn Powel again takes the cake as Chad Radwell. This guy is hilarious and I always geeks every time he gets screen time. Luckily we get a lot of sweet bro material from the president of The Dollar Scholars in the most recent episode of Scream Queens.

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Emma Roberts also makes the most of the script in Seven Minuets In Hell. While the series should focus more on Grace, Roberts really executes what she’s given as the fat-pursed brat of Kappa House. I’ve pointed the actress out before, but she continues to do the show justice.

Seven Minuets In Hell is an episode that the series’ creators should be proud of. Its a edition of Scream Queens that moves the plot, while keeps the proceeding fun and hilarious, and really has some adrenaline filled moments. It’s the episode I would tell people to make it to before they give up of the show. So if you haven’t started the show Deadites, get yourself Hulu or start up that on-demand feature(if it still exists). Until next fright fans, keep that keep October’s scareathon going. It’s almost over.


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