‘Ghost Stories’ Is Tale You’ll Want To Tell Your Friends




Michael Uppendahl directs Ghost Stories with intrigue and a flair for the comedic. While the episode isn’t the strongest outing I’ve ever seen in terms of direction, Scream Queens’ ninth entry in Fox’s freshman series isn’t under-directed either. In fact, there’s a stellar crane shot in Ghost Stories, and a few other well discipline takes featured here with its quick cut nature, and its tamed direction really let the script shine through- which is the episode’s strongest asset.

I’m Ghost Boone. But You Can Call Me Boone.- Boone Clemens

Making up for the tonally uneven and entirely all over the place (and not in a good and entertaining way) eighth episode, Mommie Dearest, Ghost Stories is more in line with the first half of the slasher-inspired series. Back is the comedy, both in line delivery and 80s horror-sensible mockery, and gone is the overstuffed attempt to make the series a focused narrative experience. While this actually worked well in Beware of Young Girls– an episode absent of “The Red Devil” and featuring a strict mysteriously-investigative plot- Scream Queens’ subsequent episode was a jumbled mess. I was sure the series was going down the crapper after last week’s episode, but Ghost Stories has put me at ease. It’s freaking awesome. We get a lot of Red Devil action and the A storyline features a hilarious take on 80s slasher seeing the once “dead’ Boone get into much mischief.

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There’s really only one problem I have, and that’s that there isn’t enough Grace. While a few aspects of the episode, even most of the comedic stuff, move the narrative and we learn more about the origins of “The Red Devil,” not having the main character in the episode more is a problem. I get that the series is almost strictly parody- an aspect of Scream Queens I highly enjoy- but there’s still a way to have Grace in the episode more. It now seems as if she’s a side character in a story that’s only concerned with being funny and identifying who the killers are- regardless of whom the killers are attempting to hunt.

That said, the acting in Ghost Stories is as solid as a frozen pint of Ben and Jerry’s. A lot of actors get a fair share of screen time in the latest Scream Queen’s episode.

One who shies is former “Jonas Brothers” band member Nick Jonas. Playing the thought-to-be-dead Boone, Jonas is hysterical in Ghost Stories. I had no idea he could pull off what he does in the episode and he’s side-splitting awesome. Seeing as he’s the performer who gets most of the hour-lone episode’s screen time, Jonas really knocks it out of the park. I look forward to what else the former musician brings to the table in future roles.

Glen Powell is also great again as that ever-awesome Chad Radwell. While he’s been featured more in previous episodes, his line and delivery are epic here and I couldn’t get enough of it. He says stuff with brilliant comedic timing that it’s hard to not crack up when he’s on screen and the actor earns every bit of his paycheck again. Call him “deep pocket” Powell-I do.


Ghost Stories is a highly enjoyable hour of laughs and horror-inspired hijinks. It’s a vast improvement over last week’s Scream Queens episode, Mommie Dearest, and shines a little hope for the rest of the series. I recommend those about to give up on the series to rethinking this notion; this episode rocks. So watching now, or don’t, but I’d prefer you did.


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