‘The Killer of Killers’: Ash Slays In Sinister 6th Outing


 Ash Has Spent The Last 30 Years Avoiding Deadites… And Responsibility


Michael Hurst directs The Killer of Killers with both overly-held hands and ferociously fast feet. While the newest Ash Vs. Evil Dead episode is directed solidly in the second half of its almost 30 minutes running-time, the opening is almost by the numbers television-filmmaking(sans for a few well-placed push ins). So much in fact, I was leaning towards not only being bored, but ready to confess The Killer of Killers the worst of the aired six episode slate thus far of Starz’s premiere season of Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

I Can Make Sweet Sweet Love To A Woman Like No Other Man-Ash

Sure, the whole episode features Raimi’s classic fast-moving “Deadite” POV shot, but that doesn’t impress me in the slightest. Anybody can rip off the shot, and even though its more homage than rip, and helps the shot become more in vain with the iconic film trilogy, I only look at what each director is bringing to the table from their own imagination and creative prowess.

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That said, about halfway through the episode (about when Ash has an epic conversation), The Killer of Killers goes from stagnate to spectacular greatness. The shots become much more disciplined, the momentum becomes more like the funniest of the earlier Ash Vs. Evil Dead entries, and The Killer of Killers delivers one of the most thrilling sequences of the entire Evil Dead series (the iconic film series and the new television edition). In what is actually one of the most epic scene I’ve ever seen in all my television-watching experience, you’ll know when you see it, because Raimi’s classic POV shot has never been used more effectively. I was instantly rocked off my couch and I freaking loved every minute of the scene; you’ll no doubt love it too.

While the episode does epically redeem itself in its second half, I found two things overall to be mind-numbingly bad in The Killer of Killers. Situations which could have been easily fixed: bad CGI and a disgustingly horrible body-double. The episode opens with a bad CG skeleton, and later, very stupidly, The Necronomicon comes to life with stupid CG (not to mention this is unnecessary anyway and crashes the tone of the series). Pablo also isn’t given justice either, having a horrible stunt double in Santiago’s place in an otherwise thrilling gun sequence. I especially can’t forgive the double since this is part of director Hurst’s job and should have fixed it immediately. Filmmakers don’t have to wait for rushes anymore- shame on you, Mr. Filmmaker.

As for the script, the written word is much like the direction. The opening half features a bunch of character moments, and while these are needed, I would much rather have these on the tail end of an action sequence. Or at least, during a mulit-layed scene much like last week’s Brujo, where Pablo was trying to get close to Kelly while she was possessed by a mega demon. The scene in The Killer of Killers, on the other hand, is less than exciting and is extremely slow. Also a character is introduced late in the game, who I can only hope is used properly eventually.

Then, Ash has one of his best scenes in the entire series and Campbell has never been better (something I’ve come of as often since Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s Halloween premiere). Coincidentally, the great scene also starts the great direction, and comes when Ash has an epic conversation with a waitress. Its hilarious and I rewound the scene numerous times.

The Killer of Killers’ script, written by Nate Crocker, ends amazingly and handles the last 10 minutes perfectly. The episode also features a show changing last few moments and is a needed jolt for the rest of the season.

The sixth episode is also greatly acted, and all three of our “Ghost Beaters” as still stellar. Campbell is strong, Santiago amazing, and DeLorenzo is great, but I was slightly taken back by some of the actress’s line reads in a particular scene. I’ll leave that for you to find Fright Fans.


The Killer of Killers starts epically dull, but ends so amazing I can’t do it justice here. The last half of Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s sixth outing is as good as any television episode and features a truly must-see moment. While it’s not the best episode of the season, The Killer of Killers is still solid entertainment which I’ve already watched three times. I was originally leaning towards C+ territory, but after that series defining moment, it was raised considerably. So catch it now, Deadites, and hold on to your seats. Keep on creepin’ on Horror Heads. I’ll See you soon.


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