‘The Final Girl(s)’: Last ‘Scream Queens’ Truly Slaughters Series


PRETTY BORING ( My New Tagline)


Brad Falchuk directs “The Final Girl(s)” with some style, but also very stiltedly damp substance. It’s true the opening segments of Fox’s season finale of Scream Queens are pretty accomplished: the revolving shot where Gigi is progressing through time in the insane asylum(in a flashback) and the shot between Hester’s legs(with another character in view), just to mention a few, are well-executed. But then the episode subsequently becomes very by-the-numbers and ultimately unsatisfying. The episode, directed by one of three series co-creators, is an extreme far cry from Dorkus’ direction by Bradley Buecker. I mean the New England Partiots playing my high school football team type stuff; simply no comparison.

This Episode Doesn’t Deserve to be Freaking Quoted-ME(This Writer)

The direction is the least of “The Final Girl(s)” problems: The script is a piece of trash in every sense of the word.

Sure, the show swerved me with whom the final “Red Devil” actually is, but that doesn’t mean the episode has much merit and mainly because the screenwriters do nothing with their cleaver contrivance. What we get here in a script written by the creators, is the same kind of drivel that has caused the series to suffer for sometime, which is tragic when you realize the same trio also penned Dorkus as well. Instead of plot, focus on the main character (Grace), character development thought said plot, and genuine well-told story, we get so much mind numbing crappy comedy (Which I admittedly enjoyed at the beginning of the season but now hate after seeing what the show is truly capable of) a fat kid’s fork full of stupidly executed exposition and wrap-ups for characters who literally mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. It’s an episode that ends so badly, I wanted to throw my Samsung TV on the freaking window, and trust me Fright Fans, I would have if I were as rich as Chanel’s daddy.

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I would to go on, but I can’t stay in “The Final Girl(s)” head space too long: I don’t have insurance and can’t afford to miss work due to checking my self into a medical madhouse.

The acting is decent, but not one is given anything to do really. In an episode acting like the season epilogue, Chanel gets a moment, Hester dominates the narrative space and characters such as Chad Radwell or Denise Hemphill get time which they shouldn’t ultimately. While I did enjoy a moment between Hester and Jamie Lee Curtis’ Dean Munch, which is admittedly awesome, but does nothing to help The Final Girl(s) and its pile of horse crap.


“The Final Girl(s)” is basically useless from beginning to end. While it’s pretty well directed in its opening moments, that quickly fades, and what is left are what’s essentially a piecing of skits that both done work as a narrative and as comedy (mostly). The episode is so freaking bad, it hurts the shows future, Fox’s creditably as a network, and the creators’ integrity as storytellers. So watch Dorkus, and stop there, and you’ll be left still a hopping bunny. Do not, I repeat do not, watch this episode: It’s PooPoo Powder. OK, I’m out, I need to recover from this filth.

THE GRADE: F   ( you should be glad I didn’t give this an F-… be Gleeful (You guys get it))

Below is the trailer for Todd Strauss-Schulson’s

The Final Girls

, a piece of entertainment (and truly art for that matter) that deserves the title.