Who’s Dying on ‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Tonight?


The most sinister villain in The Walking Dead is making his debut on the season finale tonight. Who is he going to kill?

WARNING: Major comic spoilers ahead!

Even if you haven’t read any The Walking Dead comic books, you’ve got to be afraid of Negan’s arrival. His name has been uttered so many times on-screen, building up to the iconic moment when the franchise’s worst villain finally arrives. With confirmation that the character will be making his debut on the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead tonight, we can expect at least one beloved character to be snuffed out before our very eyes.

Why say that? Well, in the comic book series, he instantly makes his mark in the story by killing one of the most popular characters ever seconds after his introduction. If you don’t want to know who that is, then I suggest you stop reading now, because I am going to reveal it in the next paragraph. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you made it past the warning above, as well as this additional one.

Anyway, Negan murders Glenn in perhaps the most brutal killing the comic series had ever seen. Armed with a barbwire-covered baseball bat named Lucille, Negan splattered Glenn’s brains on the ground while Rick and the others were forced to watch. Is this what’s going to happen on the TV series? Should we be afraid for Glenn?

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Maybe. The show has been following the comics much more closely in recent seasons, and everything else about Glenn and Maggie’s story — such as the couple expecting a baby in the future — has been pretty faithful. Glenn is probably even more loved on the show, so killing him off would be a tremendous blow to The Walking Dead.

However, even most fans who don’t read the comics have heard about this death, so millions of people would be expecting it — that’s why I’m betting Glenn will be spared in favor of another unfortunate soul.

Another possibility is that it could be the most popular character of the series, Daryl Dixon. I can’t deny that it would be incredibly shocking to see the amazing Daryl killed in such a brutal fashion. It’d be heartbreaking and we just might see some of those fan riots that have been promised over the years should such a thing happen on the show. Some think things will go down this way, but this I tend to doubt would happen unless AMC agreed to cutting their cash cow and/or Norman Reedus wanted to leave — I don’t see either happening soon.

There are also a few ladies on the show who are in danger, like Carol and Michonne. Carol has been showing a more tender side of herself lately, which sometimes spells doom for characters. Michonne, meanwhile, has hooked up with Rick — bad luck for any woman on the series, apparently. While Negan abhors violence against women in the comics, we don’t know how he’ll behave on the show, and there’s a chance he could take one of them out.

And let’s not forget some of Alexandria’s strongest soldiers. I’m thinking Negan would want to weaken the town’s defenses by removing one or more of their toughest assets. Morgan is someone whose death could be a blow to the community, made extra horrible given his own no-kill philosophy; Abraham is another character who has outlived his comic book counterpart, and whose demise may make the whole group feel much weaker.

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So, who is it going to be? We might as well do what Negan did in the comics and just pick one at random. With so many different guesses, I suppose AMC has done their job by keeping it from being too predictable. But one thing is for sure; it’s going to be devastating. For once, I’m actually looking forward to the summer break from the show, because I’m probably going to need a while to recuperate.