New Horror on Netflix: May, 2016


Netflix is bringing a small handful of new horror titles available for streaming in the month of May, and here’s the complete listing of what’s coming and going.

Just because it’s getting warmer outside doesn’t mean you can’t stay indoors to watch scary movies.

After all, who wants to chase butterflies when you can watch someone getting disemboweled on your television instead?

With that said, if you’re one of those horror fans that sizzles in and hisses at the sunlight, then we’ve got some new horror films for you to check out in the month of May. Here’s the complete list below, courtesy of ComingSoon:


Ava’s Possessions (2015)

After a recent exorcism, Ava finds herself unable to recover from her possession or remember what has happened to her within the past month. Searching for answers, she joins a support group for survivors of demonic possessions… and finds out that the demon may not have been exorcised after all.

Shark Lake (2015)

Dolph Lundgren stars in this low-budget shark tale that manages to entertain despite its campy nature. The film centers on a small Lake Tahoe town that’s been plagued by a family of murderous sharks. As the swimmer body count rises, the residents band together to put a stop to the




Submerged (2015)

Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls) stars in this underwater thriller as a soldier-turned-bodyguard tasked with protecting the daughter of a well-known corporate figure. While riding in a limo, the bodyguard, the young woman, and her friends are targeted by kidnappers, who send the vehicle crashing into the water. Drowning isn’t the only thing to fear when the crooks dive in after them to finish what they started.


Goosebumps (2015)

After dozens of fictional monsters from his Goosebumps young-adult horror novels magically enter the real world, author R.L. Stine teams up with his daughter and her new friends to send them back to the pages from whence they came. Jack Black stars as the famed writer. (Check out our review)

They Look Like People

This movie tells the story of Wyatt, a young man who reunites with an old friend in New York. While there, Wyatt begins to receive eerie phone calls warning him that there is an upcoming war between monsters and humans. The voice tells Wyatt that only he can see the monsters in their true form, and that includes everybody around him. Is the voice telling the truth, or is Wyatt going crazy?


We Are Still Here (2015)

After the death of their young-adult son, a couple moves to a rural village in the midst of their grief. However, certain paranormal happenings soon convince them that the spirit of their son is still with them in their new home. The truth turns out to be much worse than that when it becomes apparent that the house is really haunted by the murderous ghosts of a long-dead family craving fresh blood.


Slasher: Season 1 (2016)

This new horror series follows the character of Sarah Bennett, a young woman whose parents had been viciously slaughtered only moments before Bennett’s birth in a well-publicized murder case. Years after the murders, Bennett is all grown up and returns to her hometown with her new husband, only to discover a copycat killer kicking off a new killing spree. With the body count rising, everybody becomes a suspect— including Sarah herself.


The Ouija Experiment 2: Theatre of Death (2015)

In this horror sequel, a group of cinema patrons wind up trapped and fighting for their lives when a vicious, evil spirit is unleashed from a Ouija-board experiment gone wrong. Israel Luna writes and directs.


  • The Animatrix
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • Blade Runner
  • Escape from Tomorrow
  • Inhale
  • In Her Skin
  • Offender
  • Tiger Eyes
  • Truth or Die

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How do you feel about this month’s selection of new titles available for streaming on Netflix? Let us know what movies you want to see show up on the service below so we can talk Netflix and chill.