‘Here Is Wisdom’ Lays Ground Work for ‘Damien’


Don’t harp too much on episode eight. It simply set the table for what is to come with the final two episodes of Damien’ s inaugural season.


On the surface, episode eight of Damien was one of the more important ones of the season. We had deaths, truths realized, a brutal fight scene, and even a package of a bloodied tongue. When you really dive into it though, you’ll notice it was all smoke and mirrors, with the real fun about to begin.

Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I’m not saying this episode was pointless. We see it a lot in TV shows where one of the last episodes before the finale has to lay down a foundation to work off for an exciting finish and that’s just what we got here.

We pick things up with Simone and Greta snooping around a sewer until they find the dagger that was dropped by Damien’s attacker all the way back in Second Death. Damien begins seeing a psychiatrist, where he tries dealing with his PTSD, as well as, his destiny of being the anti-Christ. They talk in detail about making choices. Damien argues that things simply happen around him and he can’t do anything to stop them. She believes he can, and must, make his own decisions.

He returns home and finds a bloodied package in front of his door. Damien carefully opens it up and finds Cray’s tongue that was cut out by Charles at the end of Abattoir. The tongue is also stitched shut, and Damien finds a roll of camera film inside. Shay comes bursting through his door and begins questioning him about Cray’s death and Charles’ disappearance.

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Amani looks through old footage of a security camera outside of Damien’s building to try and find the two men who broke in and destroyed Damien’s apartment. Instead, he sees the blonde woman, Veronica, whom he’s been sleeping with. He goes to Simone’s apartment and she introduces him to Greta. She urges Amani to get more information on Veronica and he agrees.

Back at Damien’s apartment, he looks through the camera film and finds a clue on where to find Charles. He goes to meet with his old “friend” and Shay tries following him, but his car breaks down. All of a sudden, he can’t unlock his doors and the engine catches fire. He narrowly escapes after shooting out one of the windows right before the car explodes.

Damien then travels to a remote trailer where Charles is waiting for him. It was mentioned in the previous episode that Charles always tried to impress Damien and attempted to get on his good side; it appears as though nothing has changed. Charles tries desperately to win Damien over and confesses that he killed Cray and many others in honor of Damien. Believing this is what Damien wants, he even asks him, “Who should we kill next?” Damien responds by nearly beating Charles to death. Before he leaves, Damien texts Shay where he can find Charles.

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In the middle of the night, Damien goes to see his shrink and admits that he almost killed Charles. He’s confused on the choice he made and whether or not it was the right one. Charles did kill innocent people after all, so would it have been the worst thing in the world to get rid of him? Damien is also battling with not knowing which side of him-the evil or good persona-is making these decisions.

Amani meets with Veronica and asks her about her mother, Ann. Veronica is adamant that she isn’t working for Ann but he doesn’t buy it. Amani warns her to stay away from him and Damien, telling her to relay the message to Ann. Simone and Greta are up late scheming their next move and just as Simone leaves, she sees Veronica follow Greta. Simone chases after them, finally finding Greta, but she’s being held at gunpoint by Veronica. Greta is able to disarm her though and shoots her.

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Charles is being held at the police station when he’s visited by Damien’s psychiatrist. She tells him that Damien wants him dead and says, “You’re not a true servant, you’re a liar!” She stabs him repeatedly in the neck, killing him.

Shay kicks in the door and shoots her but it’s too late to save Charles. I just assumed Charles would play a large role at least until the end of this season but boy was I wrong. Her comments “not a true servant” need to be remembered. There’s something more behind Charles’ intentions. Was he a part of a different, secret society devoted to serving the anti-Christ?

Here’s the graphic scene for your twisted amusement:

There’s a lot of moving parts happening here in Here Is Wisdom. Amani realizes he’s been duped and calls out Veronica for it which ultimately leads to her death. Greta’s interest is peaked when she’s told about Damien’s guardian, Ann. Damien and Charles meet for the first time in years and Charles is eventually killed by Damien’s shrink.

Honestly I think the one to focus on here is Greta-Ann. Greta’s attempts to get to Damien, whether she tries saving him or killing him, will be met by Ann and a showdown is inevitable. Without a doubt, Ann is going to want to avenge the death of her daughter. Expect these two paths to cross sometime within the next two episodes.

I truly don’t know what’s going to happen to Shay by the end of this season. This whole ordeal is bigger than him but he just doesn’t get it. He’s dealing with the Devil here, but he’s such a try-hard and won’t buy into it.

One thing I excluded from my recap of the episode was a short scene with Shay’s son who was seen drawing a picture of a man trapped in a burning car. This came shortly after Shay himself escaped a torched car. His son has never been the same since he was lured into a pool and nearly drowned, but he’s the one person Shay cares more about than Damien. Keep an eye out for some sort of event that happens with his son that convinces him to leave the Damien case alone for good.

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Only two episodes remain in this season, so be sure to check back in every week for more recaps and break downs. In the meantime, feel free to join the conversation in the comment section below.