’12 Monkeys’: ‘Immortal’ Will Please The Mortals and Masses


Now six episodes into its second season, Syfy’s ’12 Monkeys’ deliverers another strong entry in a season that’s shaping up to be a can’t miss for science fiction nuts.

The following contains minor spoilers for Immortal. You’ll be fine to hang around for the review, just a warning before you swing on out of here.

So far, Syfy’s 12 Monkeys has been many different places in time. Cole and company have been to 2044, where the series technically takes place, 2016, where the show technically started, 1944, where Cole and Cassandra went to save a Primary, and now to 1975, where our two virus fighting brothers from different mothers, Cole and Ramse, attempt to protect a Primary from four Messengers.

And let me tell you Horror Heads, this was one fun trip back to the hippy era.

Written by Ian Sobel and Matt Morgan, Immortal’s script is a step up from last week’s Bodies of Water. While Bodies was a great episode of television, and moved characters further than any previous Season 2 outing, it featured the supporting cast heavily.

With Immortal, we get more than our fair share of Cole and Ramse- some of the best moments of 12 Monkeys happens when these two are together. It’s beyond hard to not get swept up in the chemistry between the two actors. You want to be their third friend. You want to be another fighter of the Monkeys. Virus…you’re going down.

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On top of amazingly written moments between Cole and Ramse, Immortal is a focused effort from the underrated time-jumping science saga. The whole episode is almost entirely about protecting the Primary, and we stay with the Ramse and the Cole most of the time.

And speaking of the Primary, exactly who, or what, this person is is a brilliant turn in Immortal. I love the psychological, as well as moral, questions asked of the audience when exactly who is revealed. Some may say this 12 Monkeys is cheesy Sci-Fi, but I say the truth is a bit contrary.

Kirk Acevedo and Peter DaCunha in’12 Monkeys’- Courtesy of Syfy

The acting in Immortal is actually one of the more solidly acted entries in Season 2 thus far.

Aaron Stanford and Kirk Acevedo, playing Cole and Ramse, respectively, are doing great work here; any fan would know, and have come to expect, that by now. But the guest star really brings it in Immortal.

In the role of Kyle Slade, David Dastmalchian really takes his part serious in12 Monkeys‘ recent offering. This could have been throw away stuff for another actor, but in Dastmalchian’s hands, it becomes part of the series’ potassium puzzle. The actor is particularly good in his final scene.

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So, will Cole and Ramse stop The Messengers from killing another Primary. Will the two survive the year 1975? Will Cassandra deal with her new found plight? You’ll have to swing on over to Syfy to find out.


David Greene‘s Immortal is a great hour of television. It features amazing moments between Cole and Ramse, the two best characters on the show, and a far out fun time set in 1975. Immortal moves the plot of 12 Monkeys slightly, but is entertaining all the way with a fun tone and great character interactions. So swing on over to Syfy and grab it. Be careful with the peeling.


Check out a preview of next week’s episode, Meltdown, courtesy of Syfy:

Enjoying Syfy’s 12 Monkeys? Did or didn’t like what Immortal had to offer? Sound off with your comments below and let’s get as many monkeys as we can to get the conversation going. Don’t forget to tune into 12 Monkeys Mondays at 9/8c, only on Syfy.