‘Scream’: Recapping The Slasher Series’ Season 2 Premiere


The long awaited return to Lakewood is finally over, residents of Elm Street. What have Emma and the gang been up to since we last saw them?

Be warned, and don’t scream, there are spoilers here. Then again, it IS a recap.

We join Audrey at her job at the local theater, where a marathon for the fictional film series ‘Murderville’ 100th anniversary is being shown. That’s actually impossible because that would mean the first ‘Murderville’ was released in 1916, and the first movie with sound didn’t happen until 1927. The first slasher film didn’t happen until 1960 (Peeping Tom), but I digress this is supposed to be a recap of the Scream: The TV Series Season 2 premiere, I Know What You Did Last Summer, not a film history lesson

Anyway, Audrey is getting creepy texts from a new unknown assailant–a couple of idiots decide it would be fun to prank Audrey with the Ghostface costume. For some reason, an ice pick is being kept in a display case (what kind of theater keeps something like that laying around that isn’t a movie prop?) and Audrey stabs ‘Ghostface’. The guy doesn’t die because the strap of his camera blocked the blade from fatal harm.

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We then meet the new sheriff who had lived in town before because the girl involved tries to press charges on Audrey, but it turns out self-defense trumps goofy assault.

Cut to Kieran’s house, where they’re preparing a welcome home party for Emma. Apparently she had a nervous breakdown and did some time in a mental institution. We see tension between Kieran and Emma. Noah wants to interview Emma for his podcast.  A little later, after breaking into the school to go swimming, Brooke and Jake break up.

The next day at school, we meet a couple of new characters. A psychology teacher, and two new students Zoe and the new sheriff’s son, Gustavo . Jake didn’t go to school, he went somewhere to prove something and was taken by the new Ghostface. Audrey finally shows Noah the new threats. They go to the police, but of course Audrey doesn’t want to file a report.

Willa Fitzgerald as Emma Duval in ‘Scream: The TV Series’-Courtesy of MTV

Emma and Brooke go to a pig farm owned by Branden James’ brother-Emma has had nightmares about the farm since she was a child. This is also where Ghostface has Jake. Jake is killed, then we go back to Audrey who is being tormented more by the killer with her conversations with Piper taped all over a bathroom stall.

All in all, the premiere episode of Scream does a great job of further developing the stories and characters but didn’t quite have the thrill of “Oh my god, who is it?” from the beginning as the first season did, which is understandable.

This season of Scream will definitely be a more tension building slow burn. However, it has been said there will be a higher body count. With that in mind, I have decided to keep a running count of the kills in Season 2.

For comparison, Scream Season 1 had 6 deaths. Scream Season 2 has started off with only one, but major kill, with 10 episodes a season even if Season 2 were to only have 1 kill every episode it will still beat the body count of Scream Season 1.

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Already we’ve been lead to believe the killer is someone close to the group, so we know it’s not. Well Residents of Elm Street, did you enjoy I Know What You Did Last Summer, the premiere episode of Scream? What do you see happening this season?

Love Scream? Think the series does the film franchise justice? Did or didn’t like what I Know What You Did Last Summer had to offer? Let’s all dial that number and join the conversation in the comment section below.