Scream 3: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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4. Randy was almost revealed to have survived Scream 2.

When Jamie Kennedy’s character from the first film, Randy Meeks, was shockingly killed in the middle of Scream 2, fans of the franchise were outraged. In the midst of all of the negative feedback that death had caused, the producers put serious consideration into having Randy come back for Scream 3 with Kennedy reprising the role.

You might be wondering how that could be possible, since Randy was clearly murdered in Scream 2. Apparently, the storyline explanation would be that Randy had survived the attack from Ghostface, but his family had faked his death to place him into hiding for his safety. If you’re thinking that sounds a bit too farfetched, the producers eventually had that very thought as well, and scrapped the idea for that reason.

It was ultimately concluded that there was no realistic way to bring Randy back into the franchise, but the production still wanted to include him in some way for the fans. As a result, Kennedy did wind up reprising the role in the film after all, playing Randy on a pre-recorded video that he made prior to his Scream 2 death. Randy came back for Scream 3 after all.

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