‘The Purge: Election Year’ Satisfying For Fans of Franchise


The Purge: Election Year was released in theaters earlier this month, and as a fan of the franchise, I found it oddly satisfying. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I’ve got a spoiler free review right here.

It was the perfect time to use Washington D.C. as the setting for a new film in The Purge film franchise. With the hectic state of our current political landscape, this election year has been perhaps the most chaotic I’ve ever seen.

So, it only make sense to satirize the nature of our American political season with a film concept that’s just as ridiculous. In a world where any and all crimes are legal for one night every year, people dress up in Halloween costumes— such as political characters like Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, in this case— to kill anyone unlucky enough to be found on the hellish night.

Here’s the thing about The Purge series. If you’re looking for something to terrify you enough to keep you awake at night, you won’t find it here. These films aren’t here to frighten you, and honestly, I don’t think they’re meant to. That seems very evident here with the newest entry, Election Year.

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While there are elements of suspense, as I’m rooting for Leo Barnes to keep Senator Charlie Roan alive throughout the night so she can work her way into the White House to put an end to the Purge forever, I also see these films as dark comedies.

Some of the things you see— such as foreigners traveling to the country just for the sake of partaking in the Purge, or women in sexy costumes trying to destroy a store and kill its occupants over an issue with a candy bar— are nothing short of silly. But while you might be laughing while you’re watching the film, you’ll still definitely be highly entertained.

Honestly, if you haven’t seen the first two entries of the series, or if you didn’t like them, I can’t guarantee you’ll have as much of a blast with The Purge: Election Year as I did. The second film upped the ridiculousness quite a bit, while Election Year seems to be fully embracing it now. It’s a direction I support— because this one was probably the most fun, if not the most well-made.

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If you have seen the prior films and enjoyed them, however, then I highly recommend this one. If you’re a fan of the franchise, you won’t be disappointed. And, like me, you might be wondering when the next sequel (or prequel?) is going to come out, because they are outstanding mindless popcorn flicks, and I just really need something like that every so often.


4 out of 5