Halloween: Every Michael Myers Actor Unmasked

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Michael Myers is the star of the Halloween film franchise and one of the most famous horror movie characters ever. But who are the men behind the mask?

If you’re like me, you love Halloween. We might all rank the films in the franchise a little bit differently (though I’d assume most of us would put Resurrection near the bottom), but we can all agree that Michael Myers is a horrifyingly awesome character. There are very few bogeymen in pop culture quite as feared as he.

But for as much as he might scare us on screen, Myers is nothing more than an actor wearing a mask. Most entries in the franchise have featured different actors slipping on the infamous white mask, ready to stalk the babysitters of Haddonfield. So let’s take some time to meet them.

I’ll be going through and giving you a look at every single performer to portray Michael Myers in every film in the Halloween franchise, starting with John Carpenter’s film and going all the way up to Rob Zombie’s. As a bonus, I’ll be including the few who’ve played Myers unmasked, as well. So let’s see if any of these faces will come to mind the next time you watch any of the Halloween classics, starting with…

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