Why Kevin Bacon Would Be Awesome As Freddy Krueger


World famous actor Kevin Bacon has recently expressed a desire to play Freddy Krueger in a new A Nightmare on Elm Street film, and I’ll explain why that would be fantastic.

If you haven’t heard, it’s official— there will be a new A Nightmare on Elm Street.

We all know how bad the 2010 reboot of the film series was. If you haven’t seen it, please, take my advice and stay as far away from it as you can. It’s not only a poor reboot of the Elm Street movies, it’s one of the very worst movies from any film genre ever.

With that being said, I’m still very open to a reboot of the franchise. The 2010 flick didn’t suck because it was a reboot. It’s just that the writing and directing was so flawed that the entire film was a complete mess. It seemed there was no understanding of what made the original film great.

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One bright spot of the remake was Jackie Earle Haley, who took over the role of Freddy Krueger. Although I didn’t like his look, the talented Haley’s performance was so good that it easily sticks out compared to the crap surrounding it. Although Robert Englund’s Freddy will never be topped, Haley proved that other actors can still do something special with the character.

That brings us to Kevin Bacon, who has been dominating horror headlines recently based on a single tweet on his Twitter account. When a fan named Bettie Toxic tweeted him to suggest he’d be a great Freddy Krueger for the second reboot, Kevin simply replied, “I like the way you think Bettie.” Shortly thereafter, the internet went ballistic.

Bacon himself addressed the sudden popularity of the rumor he was playing Freddy Krueger in a recent interview. He clarified that this all stemmed from that simple Twitter interaction, and he has not actually been in talks with New Line Cinema. However, he did make sure to say he’s “not opposed to it though”, meaning that it certainly is a possibility.

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If anyone understands the horror genre, and specifically the classic slasher films from the early 80s, it’s Kevin Bacon. He had one of the most notable deaths in the very first Friday the 13th film, when Mrs. Voorhees shoved an arrow through his neck. Since then, he’s dabbled in the genre some more with FlatlinersStir of Echoes, and the horror-comedy classic Tremors— which will see him reprise his 1990 role in an upcoming TV series.

With roots in the genre, Bacon should have a good idea on how to treat these classic characters. He’s a phenomenal actor, and had a great chance to prove that in recent years as the protagonist on the dark TV series The Following. And frankly, I think he’ll do even better as a bad guy.

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As for the look, I can already see it in my mind. If you can picture Kevin Bacon’s smirk in the wicked Freddy Krueger make-up, it works.  Seriously, look at his face, and picture him bald in a fedora with burnt flesh. Personally, I can’t unsee it now, and while I NEVER would have thought about Bacon as Freddy, I think he’s a perfect choice.