‘Death House’: Interview With The Stunning Felissa Rose (Part 1)

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Official One-Sheet for Harrison Smith’s ‘Death House’-Courtesy of Entertainment Factory.

JC: Awesome, awesome. So your upcoming film is ‘Death House’, which looks insane. How did you become involved with the project? 

FR: Oh my gosh! So, my business partner is Harrison Smith, the, ya know, writer/director/producer. He introduced me to Entertainment Factory with the amazing Rick Finkelstein and Steven Chase. And it was an immediate connection we had, both Harrison and I, and Entertainment Factory. We just loved each other! So Harrison says “Hey we’re ganna do this movie, let’s meet Gunnar.” So a year ago, at Connecticut’s HorrorFest, we went and had dinner with Gunnar. And Gunnar and I were involved that night with Harrison, who got engaged. He proposed in front of Gunnar and I, and we were in it. So, I had the video on the table, and I was standing next to Gunnar. And, ahh, It’s obviously very tragic that he passed away. But he gave everyone his blessing to continue, that it’s in good hands. Then Harrison just said “Hey, I have to be out for the L.A portion, can you produce that part of it?” So, I associate produced that part of it with Christian Ackerman and it was fun! You know we got to put all of our friends in it! It was like Sean Whalen, come play! Hey Tony Morgan, come be in it! So everybody you know.

JC: So, while Harrison is your business partner, I’m assuming you guys are pretty close. Being the way the horror genre is, and being someone who’s respected in the business, I’m sure you get offered a lot of roles, and are witness to many different scripts. Will you elaborate and explain your reaction to how insane the movie was going to be, and how much fun it was going to be to make it?

Fellisa Rose as Angela Baker

FR: We’re very close, because Harrison and I do work in a very intense and passionate kind of relationship, in a business relationship reading scripts. So, it’s not only very important for us be blown away by a project we’re going to embark on, but that we’re both on the same page about it. So when Harrison brought Death House to me, and I read it, I was like YES this is bad ass! Aside from Gunnar, when you read something like that, you say it’s original. It’s cool. It incorporates every thing you hope for in a project. So, my immediate reaction was like, how quickly can I say yes! It was incredibility. I was just thankful to be asked to be on it. Because we don’t work on everything together,  but we try to be involved with each other’s stuff.

JC: So when you walked up on myself and the Death House director and producer, when I had the pleasure of grabbing an interview (releasing soon), you had mentioned that you used your genre connects to really beef up the cast of Death House. Can you mention who you were specifically responsible for helping get on the project?

FR: Everyone! Haha, no just kidding. I was texting with Kane then. So Kane Hodder, who is super cool, and ahhh Tony Todd, Tony Morgan, Sean Whalen, Sid. I was the one who was involved with that portion of it. Because they weren’t quite sure if Sid (Haig) was going to be involved. And we were at LA Days of the Dead, and I got all the calls from Rick and Harrison. They said “Bring down a script and walk it over to his table!” and I did just that. And I said “PLEASE COME PLAY!!” Richard Speight Jr. from ‘Supernatural’ is one of my closest friends.

JC: So you should get a…

FR: Yeah I should get a casting credit! Haha.

JC: No doubt. You should get a casting credit and an acting credit!

FR: Well you know, it’s like, the beautiful thing about being a producer, especially in horror, we’re such a tight-knit family. You only want to work with your buddies really. So, we’re all together, doing these shows. It’s like, a natural extension. We go from convention to project, to convention to another project. Yan Birch from The People Under the Stairs is another!

JC: Haha, so it’s like a big horror family?

FR: It’s a reunion! It’s real. It’s not like bullshit. I think the difference between the horror genre is where in the mainstream studios, there’re a lot of smoke mirrors. And I think what is organic, and happening in the horror genre, is authentic. We really do care about each other. We do try to build each other.


Wow, that Felissa Rose is a class act. Not only is she intelligent and beautiful, she’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of sitting down with. As the producer and star of Harrison Smith’s Death House, Rose was a pure delight.

Playing Dr. Angela Freeman, named in honor of Angela Baker of Sleepaway Camp, her most famous role, Death House is looking to set the standard for genre fair. While the film has yet to disclose its distribution plans, Harrison Smith’s Death House is readying to take the horror world by storm.

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